Bella bug library books

Bella with our stack of Library stash.

Of course it was an adventure. WHEN would you know anything I DO not to be an adventure? Sadly, my library card ::redface:: is beyond expired. I KNOW … I know. You don’t even have to say it. Shame on me.
So we get to the library, GREAT parking space SCORE!
I have my old library card (so I thought) bonus. EEEHHHK WRONG. It was just the virtual one so that doesn’t mean diddly.
I had Johns… YES HE IS A GOOD BOY he has his Library card. ::insert halo over my husband::
Yes.. I KNOW, I know…
So I am standing there and the sweet lady says “oh it is no problem I just need your drivers license.” cool. So I dig in this purse looking for my drivers license. UGH OH… wha. where. noooooo….. I CANNOT FINDDD MY DRIVERS LICENSE. I found my temporary… an old one from I don’t know what year Ya why is that even .. ughhh! WHen did I have it last. wait. We just voted..Pants pocket. IT IS IN MY DADGUmmit it is in my pants pocket. I am tearing through this purse yall. I call John “look through my pants pockets I had on.. UGHM HONEY? Those are in the dryer…” seriously when have we ever decided to KEEP UP WITH LAUNDRY!!!

I hand my purse to Bella and head home. NO LIBRARY TODAY I GUESS. “Baby, look through this wallet thing go through every page and see, just see if I shoved it down in there, PLEASE?”
We get to the intersection of Hillcrest and Grelot.. (if you live here you know that is not far from the library but traffic lights … Mobile has all these TRAFFFFICCC LIGGGHHTTTS!! I hear this sweet voice like ANGELS SINGING “Is this it mama?” LAAAAAAAAAA

“YES!!! THAT IS IT!!” I am thinking now this lady won’t think I’m a Some kinda weirdo with no license, carting my kid around, looking for a book to read trying to pass off my husbands library card. (do people do that?)

So we get back to the library… I meet this adorable girl. I tell her way too much info as I always do. (How I couldn’t find my license but then we did, and now we are here and we need to get a new library card, because mine is expired but I had one and I used to come all the time I REALLY DID!!!) ya like that.
she laughed had a beautiful smile.
Helped us get fixed up. The lady that originally helped us saw us again, waved big and said YAY YOU FOUND IT. Told her Bella found it … in my purse. WE VOTED… ya anyway..
I think she knew I was frantic.

The sweet girl signed Bella up for one too. It is funny how kids get excited about things. Bella was so excited to have a card to put in her wallet. She feels so GROWN UP. A LIBRARY card. I thought I had her one already. My brain is the way it is so maybe I didn’t. Maybe I just had it with mine and checked her out books but I KNOW we did a lot with the library when she was little.

SO that was today’s adventure. She was really excited to find 2 books. ALSO, 2 movies she had wanted to see. The book that was on her summer reading list wasn’t in (not shocked) but the sweet lady in the fiction section ordered it for her and will email when in. she is first on the list. Hope to knock these book reports on out so no waiting to the last minute.

I found this book I wanted to read The new MITCH ALBOM book “The First Phone Call From Heaven.” He also wrote “The Five People You meet In Heaven. I will let you know what I think of it.