Having church…right there in our bathroom

So yeah,  I talk about God a lot and Jesus all the time on my facebook.    If you know me IT ISN’T just that.. talk. 

A good way that I really know that was tonight. God gave me the most wonderful present. He does that for his children. Gives us presents. Little gifts, it may come as something unexpected, and suddenly over the next hill, a beautiful sunset, or a cloud shaped as a great big smiley face. (he has a sense of humor I mean, Look at my brother)  I get little gifts all the time. Beautiful gifts, Rain stopping just long enough that I don’t get totally drenched, or a person that is less fortunate enjoying the rain so I will appreciate it and just get out and walk slowly in it and smile, laugh and say “ISN’T IT A G-GORGEOUS DAY!!” people love to look at you all sideways when you do that one.  Sometimes the gifts are more subtle like being able to hear a song that you really need to hear at a particular time, or see a friendly smile from someone when you feel your worse. 

I love looking at clouds and all the different shapes they turn into ,on road trips. I sometimes imagine that it is God’s little picture show and the angels are up there playing etch a sketch showing us the fun things going on…   YES I have quite the vivid imagination. NO I AM NOT ON DRUGS. Rainbows are always God’s gift to us and an example of his infinite love and promise to us. 

Today I think though I received one of the best gifts,  and it was with my own ears.  No one knew I got this gift. Not until now.  I have not told anyone. Not a soul.  We sing a lot in this house. Have always. I didn’t say we do it well, we just do.  JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD, it doesn’t say anything about it being on key or perfect. 

Well, any time my daughter is taking a bath ,or in the bathroom brushing her hair, or doing nails, she is singing. She gets this honest. I am the same way. I sing  all the time I would rather have on the radio than the tv. I lost my song for a long time.  I didn’t sing.I think it left when my dad was killed. My heart was so broken and sad I just didn’t have any reason to sing. I lost so much on that day. More than just my father.

 It came back when this child came into the world.  I sang to her constantly. She didn’t care how good it sounded.  And I had many critics that told me how NOT WELL I sang.  OH but, Not my baby girl ever. And it really isn’t about that.  It was about her beautiful smile when  I did. The sillier it was the bigger the smile. The softer and sweet of a  lullaby the more she snuggled in. Even today we sing. 

SO fast forward to today. I hear her today.. Happily in the bathtub singing… then she stops singing as I was walking by. I thought at first she heard me walking past. BUt then I realized what was going on. She doesn’t know I heard her. well yet.. praying…” Jesus? Thank you for my mom and dad, I know they love me so much a lot more than anyone.  But Even though that is a lot I know you love me way more than that.” (SHE GETS IT!!! SHE TOTALLY GETS IT!! I wanted to just scream and jump up and down but refrained) “Thank you for making moms heart better, whatever it is… she is singing a lot more, so I know she is better.  Thank you for loving us A men.”      

Oh wow….  She notices so much more than I ever realized.  My baby girl gets it!  She gets A) GOD loves her so much more than we ever could.  B) We love her more than any person could, well besides her grandparents i think they would fight us about that but still. C). She knows I am better.  

Who knew just singing could do all that huh?

So I have had a couple shingles but they are not bad, tiny… and have been aggravated about it.  It is fathers day and I always am well… like I am, because I miss him so much, but try to focus  and show joy John and papa. Celebrate them.

Cant fool this child.

She knows my heart. She shared it for a good part of a year.  So I Went into our bathroom and just wept.

  But it wasn’t tears of sadness.  It was tears of thankfulness.

I prayed for so long  for this child, and that our child would know God, She would know the true meaning of love. And she will live it. 

My child JUST HAD CHURCH.. right here in our bathroom.

Singing this song.


Praise you lord. 



One thought on “Having church…right there in our bathroom

  1. Awesome, God is so good & is always where we need Him to be, when we need Him. He knows what we need even when we don’t

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