Thank you lord we are all ok. We were spared. This horrific storm that totally devastated our state and ravaged so many lives went north of us. We all are just in a state of shock down here and just cannot believe what we are seeing.
We are so fortunate and counting our blessings and holding our loved ones just a little closer today thanking our God for what we have and what he has saved us from.
We are praying for those who were affected and are doing everything we can to send assistance to those in need. Praying for those who have lost everything and lost loved ones. The loss is phenomenal. It will take years to recount but it will happen.
complete towns are gone communitys.. wipes away. lives destroyed. But the people as Alabamians are known for in the south are coming together and helping one another, lending a hand arm in arm neighbor helping neighbor to clean up and regroup.

Please if you can spare anything whatever it may be redcross is doing a wonderful job they are on the scene helping out. There are many ways that you can help.
You can give blood you can donate through united way, the american red cross. We have so much devastation here at home across the south and NOT just Alabama. This storm went across the south. YES Alabama had majority of deaths but other states were hit as well. They need help also.
So if you can. Give blood, Donate to a shelter, Take food to a local pantry, help with some clean up, whatever can be done. There are many MANY caravans going that direction taking gas, Generators, diapers water EVERYTHING these people have lost LITERALLY EVERYTHING… THINK KATRINA PEOPLE minus all the water. REMEMBER WHAT WE WENT THROUGH? its time to give back.
THey are really hurting and we need to help them.
HERE are ways you can help.


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