FUN STUFF for a Saturday!

Be sure and Check Out Nikki Sivils Blog today 🙂
I have a layout and a Mini Album on there 🙂

SOOO I wanted to go to THIS today. BUT, Have had this horrendous headache ever since I had that monster MRI earlier in the week. was kinda a good thing I didnt go. John said there were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people down there and it was hot. They still had not seen ALton Brown. (he was filming a show) ALOT of people in a small area. I called him one time and the band was REALLY LOUD.
Ya that would have gone over great. HE said Bella was already asking him can we GO NOW? BUT, they havn’t SEEN ALTON BROWN YET. so he wanted to stay just a little longer. John lovesss Alton Brown.
He had forgotten Bellas sunscreen so he was “making her shade” rotating in the sun. That is the good thing about having a really tall hubby. well besides he can get things off really tall shelves. Sorry honey. Love ya. mean it.
hopefully she wont come home all sunburny.

So we go back this week for the results and then underway for surgery. hopefully these shingles will not have impacted it.
Im sooooo ready to get this over with.
Everything is blooming around here. The weather is getting warmer. Its a love hate relationship really.
IT is beautiful, But as it gets warmer the less I will be able to get out in it so got to hurry. I want to get some pictures of Bella bug before the rain gets the azaleas though. They are so beautiful.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.


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