some scrap therapy

So there is alot I need to catch up on. Seems Im always catching up on something these days. I finally had the MRI (YAYYY) Lasted FOREVER but we are one step closer! maybe to getting all this over with.
now the 30th they decide if it is MS causing all this or if they really are gonna fix my shoulder (pleaseeee) In the mean time I am trying to just distract myself as much as possible and get on with life. YEAH, ok. easier said than done but I will take “E for effort for 600 Alex.”

So you know what that means. I have been scrapbooking as much as I can without screaming.
I went back and added the feet and the little knobby thing to the beach shadow box that I had made from Our Mardi Gras vacation to the Beach.

I finally photographed (I FORGOT it was under some other layouts I had been working on) HOW COULD I FORGET THIS! This layout I did, of my silly brother. Bella has been bugging me to scrap this picture for EVER. SHE LOVESSSSSSS this picture of Uncle Windale in this goofy Hat at Disney world. ANDDDDDDD since Yesterday was Aunt Karen’s Birthday. I figured This was the Perfect time to show this one. WIN WIN. 🙂
You welcome Karen.
It says… NUFF SAID… because well… the hat is GOOFY… and if you know my brother.
well. YOu get it.
The journaling just says “Uncle Windale trying on hats at Disney. He found the perfect one Don’t cha think?”

I had made this for a challenge over at The Color Room. Then forgot to post it. Oh well.

Here is another fun little page. These are some older photos of Bella bug. But I just love them.
I had fun making this little flower.

LOVEEEEE Nikki Sivils rain rain go away papers. SOOOO much fun. They are bright and fun and happy colors. How can you not love them? soooo adorable.
Check out what else I made with this line HERE on Nikki Sivils Blog 🙂 (I KNOWWW!!! WHAT AN HONOR!! YAY YAY YAY!!!)

Bella is working on her book report. She needs to be a colonial girl. ya she told me she wanted to dress up (WEDNESDAY) like we just have colonial girl outfits in her closet. nice.
MOMMY is NOT a seamstress.
I glue paper and scrapbook but.. we are improvising… BIG TIME.
This should be interesting.
Yall pray.

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