Enjoy the buzz of your shock

I KNOWWWWWW! I have updated what… THREEE TIMES THIS WEEK? close your mouth. I know You are just in shock. MEEEE TOOOO!
I am just so completely proud of myself. SEEEEEEEEEeee. I TOLD YOU I WOULD DO BETTTTER! (said in my best SUE HECK from “The Middle” voice) by the way I LOVE that show if you have not seen it whereeee have you beeeen???

O.M.G. did you watch Greys last night? HOLY WOW. I WAS LOOKING THROUGH MY FINGERS FOR the almost entire 2 hours. SO INTENSE. My shoulders were just so tight after that. That was so wild. Poor McDreamy. UGH. I actually cried! I know. YES John laughed at me. I can’t help it! I get into my shows. I bawled like a baby when Denny died. I cried when Izzy was dyin’ Its just my show I cant help it. BUT OMG this was intense people. BUt yall know. yall were there.we were all OMG together. anyway.

Here is the mini I made.

Hard to tell but there is Marshmallow mist on that flower.

I punched holes in that heart with my crop a dile so it is dangly.

HEY LOOK! Its a mini.. on a mini.. so she can write “Their Story” or put more lil pictures or whatever she wants to in there. I thought that would be cute for her. Dontchathink?

SHHHhhhh…. This was a lil doily from one of Bella’s baby doll tea set thingys. I ughm borrowed it, and ughmm glimmered it up and ughmmm… well yeah hehe. shhhhh isn’t it pretty?

AND THISSSSSSSSS is what I made it out of: I got these coasters forever ago. Don’t they make the perfect mini album?

Shingles are about dried up (thank you lord) I just look like I had bad acne now. Not so much noticable. Today has been a pretty good day!! (those are kinda scary they don’t come often, maybe that is why they are scary. But we soooo appreciate them! We are blessed and Thankful for them)

You Know you feel a little better that day when you look around and realize your house is filthy. You want to overhaul everything but you know your not physically able to do anything about it. It wasnt messed up this way all in a day haha and no way you will be able to clean all this up like it needs severe merry maids cleaning! Take down the curtains rip up the carpet cleaning. Bring in the hoses!

OK Im out of here. Im off this thing! Gonna go watch a movie with him and her you know them. My people! My fabulous duo! Redbox didnt give us all our movies this time but we did manage one of them.. I called they credited us, I tried to find the movies at another box but it said I couldnt rent anymore for 24 hours??? I called back they said SOORRRRY nothing we can do about that… GEEE THANKS.
OH WELL on the bright side…. We will watch them SATURDAY lol
…. Happy Friday


7 thoughts on “Enjoy the buzz of your shock

  1. I am passing by your greys comments trying not to read them…..my power was out & I am online right now trying to watch it and it wont work! grrrrrrrrrrr love ur mini!

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