Monday scrapnin’

I felt Better this weekend and actually got some scrappin done.

CHeck it out!

Since I got the new October Afternoon papers for Mothers Day, (thank you my honeys) I figured I would Finally cut into my Christmas ones) I know.. I can’t help it though. I hoard my October Afternoon papers. I dunno why I do that. I guess because I just LOVEEEEE their stuff so much. Do you have a favorite company you do that with? I am so bad about doing that. Its awful!
Well that and the fact I have had all this stuff going on and havn’t been able to scrap. Ya that MIGHT have had a LITTLE to do with it too. (haha) BUT STILL….

HERE is what I did on the chipboard letters and that flower (which is actually 2 flowers that I took apart by the way and used paints and glimmer mists on)

I had the PERFECTTTT color paint in another brand. BUT, I think the bottle must have had a hole in it or it was contaminated or something. It was dried up like cement. Im talkin’ it was beyond hard as a brick.THere was no fixin’ it. We put a little water in it and tried to loosen it up… nope. we put a little more… nadda. We cut into it.. still nothin It was grainey and turned to this nasty stuff. (IT WAS A BRAND NEW SEALED BOTTLE NEVER OPENED MIND YOU) Oh well.

So needless to say WAS A GOOD EXCUSE to get super creative!! THIS IS what you do if that happens to you! GET CRAFTYYYYY!!!

I took 2 diff colors of paint and mixed them together.. yeah I know. Your going Nancy.. big whooop. but I added Glimmer mist over them while it was still damp to give it the look of sugar cookies! SO neener neener.. ya… I was crafty!!!

I LOVED this lil flower from pink paislee but it just wasn’t right. so I painted it up some.

Then I took the lovely Marshmallow that I LOVE (YES yes I helped my Sudie with the petition to keep the Marshmallow glimmer mist around because we love it sooooooo much we didnt want it to go away!!! and well you see my bottle there.) nuff said glimmer mist and sprayed it

THEN I went over it lightly with the Irridescent gold

Just lightly.. I didn’t want it GOLD. I just want it to have a little sheen.

can you seen it here?

maybe this one is better:

And one last look at the FULL layout. Bella just lovessssss Aunt Becca who spoils her rotten by the way (she hunted doooowwwwnn those blame zhu zhu thingy dos for that child sighhh) shaking my head!! can you say rotten?? anyway…

Ok well I have been to the dentist, yeah. That was REALLLLY fun.
YA and you believe THAT dont you? hahaha
about to have MAJOR dental work done. BUT WILL BE SO
worth it. I will have my beautiful smile back.
I wont look like a bag lady much longer or be in as much pain there.

Don’t forget tonight is UNKIT LIVE theres a special SHOW goin on tonight!
First 30 min Amy from paper life is doing then last 30 min
Sudie is doing. I believe we are hitting vokle after party as well!
Come share! without you sharing… its no party!

ok going to rest before my teeth are not numb anymore.

Hopefully!! I will see you there! ta ta!


2 thoughts on “Monday scrapnin’

  1. aw! that turned out great! LOVE the look on that flower!I used to be like that with my paper.. then I had all this paper stacking up around me.. and it would just get too old… KWIM?So now, I don't care.. I just cut right into it.

  2. Hi, Nancy,Thanks for sharing your work (play)with us. It really is cute!Oh, I know what you mean about the paper thing. I have my favorites, too!Once again, it was great meeting you through our friend, Sudie. 'So fun!'Look forward to seeing and chatting with you.Take care,Renee

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