The paint is still drying on walls….

SO the Paint is still drying but the furniture is moved back in. So Here ya get to see some pics!

The furniture all has sentimental value. May not be worth a lot to anyone but us. The bed was my I dunno who all has slept in this bed how many GREAAAATS and aunts and cousins and grammaws and uncles and brothers and sisters and who all but its been a alot. (its a family heirloom needless to say) AKA ITS OLD! Growing up we were poor but didnt know it. I wanted the new furniture now everyone wants my old furniture… who woulda thunk it huh? All my old stuff…. my kid wants.. so weird..
anyway. The Quilt folded on the bottom the bed Granny D. Our neighbors next door at our house in Mississippi Omg I miss them She was my heart and I miss her need to call her really. SHe made that for Bella when she was born. You wil see Bella holding more blankets too she made those for her too.

All the stuff In this room is sentimental stuff in some way. I know.. Freaky huh… I am realizing it more and more how much my family is all around me even though they are not physically here.
I hope my power doesnt go off its is thundering so much.

The pouting rocker is made by my brother from wood from my grandma’s house. My daddy had made one for all the grand children my brother made one for my cousin too. Any way there just happened to be enough wood and my brother found the pattern and the wood tucked back like it was waiting there… so He made this for Bella. Yes I am so Very proud of this and I tell Bella this story all the time so she will be proud and take care of it. The carosel horse my daddy made for me when I was a kid and my Sister in love repainted it for Bella and surprised me with it. (yes I cried)

The only time you will prolly see her makin her bed…..

Tellin Gramma about her room…
weather gettin really bad and power tryin to go off so ughmm I will try to get the rest of pictures up in a bit

Ok it chilled so I can put this up maybe…

Im hurrying so mama can look at these. geesh

Cheffrobe (sp) this is the wardrobe thing was my grandmamas that Johns daddy redid (it was falling to pieces it had a refrigerator crate holding it together SERIOUSLY! on the back. the wood was twisted it had been wet. BUT IT was the sentimental part and IT WAS MY GRANDMAMAS. so…. becauseeeeeeee My father in love and my husband love me…. hahahaha and the mirror in it was original and still good (that was about it and the drawers and the frame haha maybe one nail … they fixed it.. and redid it.
now it will last for ever it is not worth the antique value but to me … IT IS PRICELESS because I remember twirling in front of it when I was little in grandmamas beads. her looking around the corner going “Whutaryou uuuugh dooooo innnnnnnnnnn” in a singsongy voice and coming after me and grinning. so I would do the same to Bella. Hope she has the same memories with this as I do.

ok weather is getting bad I will post more pictures if i can in a little bit… sorry.

Im making things to go on her walls SHE IS A VERY HAPPY LITTTTTLE GIRL!!!!! she is in her rooom watching moviesss since it is raining. lolol


4 thoughts on “The paint is still drying on walls….

  1. hard to believe she is 6 she is acting like sooo teenagery. if 40 is the new 20 then 6 is like the new 13 IT IS SOOOOOO SCARYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! she said she wants to call her friends tell them about her rooom Im like no you can tell them tomorrow. rofl. ughhh IM so horrible! I wont do the phone thing and stuff. She can talk to grammaw and aunt liz and nana and her uncle windale and family and occasionally a friend but…. no I wont do a phone Im so mean.

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