is this week over yet??? please?

Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know where if it could go wrong… yeah. well yeah. It has been just ughhhh!! a crapper here. and my blog has notttttttttt been acting right. so I DUNNO IF THIS WILL GO THROUGH OR NOT.. I have been trying to post these pictures since labor day. Shingles still in my ear mostly gone still down in there I can hear now lol. I don’t cry when the neighbors crank lawn equipment. (don’t go there) I was ready to sic flyin monkeys on everyone for a while there.
I am not 100 percent convinced our cat is not a secret super villain. I think he Has a hidden identity. I have video you have to see that Bella and I took this week of him POUNCING GUIDO and them chasing each other through the yard that is pretty impresive.

Oh wow.. I don’t even Know what day it is. I have been trying to write this post for a week. We had the holiday weekend and my days have been messed up since. Do you all do that? Every time I have tried to write this post I keep getting a freaky blogger message telling me “OH NO YOU DIDN’T!!!” in some fancy HTML terms that I don’t even try to understand its geekology its way beyond my brain at this point.

I was ORIGINALLY GONNA tell you about HOW Bella spent most of the holiday weekend teaching Tinker~Fred, (yes the Cats name is still Tinker-Fred) to fetch. SO, at least the photos on my blog would make some sense. The power would go off every day as I would go to do my blog post. Or the phone would ring and it would be some stressfull crapppp I had to deal with or again DID I MENTION THE POWER KEPT FLICKERING? and I kept getting freaking blogger codes so yeah.. Im just now getting this post up. so.. yeah.. Bear with me.

YA see, we ran out of the “GOOD” cat food. The kind in the “can” the stinky gross kind that cats like. (although this blame cat should be happy its here and know that the fact BElla LOVESSSS it soooooo much is the only reason her Daddy let her keep it Oh and the fact she is spoiled blame flippin ROTTTENNNN! Did I happen to mention it? NO? OHHHHHHH YOU NOTICED HUH? ya kinda obvious? k just checkin. just wanted to be sure. YEah Our critters are too. even this little booger.

IT GETS THE “GOOD” food it wont eat just any cat food. I didn’t know that though.I was completely unaware of the “OUT OF FOOD” situation. I was finally alone in the house after a loud weekend. John was so very happy to be back at work. Bella was happy, well. maybe, not happy but, she was back at school. I was happy to be in a quiet house (until Leaf blower cranked up, but that is another post I will do later)

Every time I walked by the door this morning The cat is looking at me through the window With an evvvvvvvvvil stare like “YO OVAH HERE, comeeeya. We need to chat…” I think it cracked it’s knuckles a few times too!!! Tink slingin’ back some bling on his paws too I need to find out where he pawns.
anyway focus Nancy FOCUSSSS
I kept going. waved. said “HEYYY TINKERFRED WHATS SHAKIN” Made me a sammich came back through..

Guido (our dog) Joined in behind Tinkerfred and I think That cat whipped out a cell phone and called his ganstas to come help bust up in here lookin for some Baloney Tinker fred was sharpnin his claws and lickin his chops goin “comeeeeeya with that youu” THey made me a little nervous. Guido was just smilin and shakin his hiney. (he really has no tail he is an Austrailian Shepherd)

So Im afraid to go to sleep this cat is on some big covert secretive super villian mission to bust up in my fridge and steal our food. I gave it some baloney and some milk but IT still rolled its eyes and was chargin its lil cell phone and its 007 spy tools in its cat house (aka used to be Guido’s dog house but Tinker Fred put him out) Tinker Fred sleeps there now…

That is one bad dude… Bella is still convinced the Tinker~Fred is a girl..she doesnt like tomatoes and she is a girl. The cat doesnt like tomatoes So it has to be a girl too. Seems logical huh?

I figured it was yes definitely time to re-think that talk we had. Ya know I have mentioned that before… somethin didn’t sink in good. I am having a problem with big words lately like THE, AND, WAS.

So, I was tellin’ John about this “Tinker~Fred” Sit u ation I JUST KNEWWWWWW this cat was plotting to XX us out and how I have this idea. HOW ABOUT we train “TF.”(I call him TF sometimes for short cuz thats how I ROLL) We can put his evil ways up for good use. You know make him an example or exercise his energies in other ways.
John said ughmmm YOU KEEP SAYING HIM? Like you think that cats a male? that cat HAS TO BE A FEMALE… “

I said “IF YOU SAY CUZ IT DOESN’T like tomatoes so help me….

Nothing but laughter as I said ughhh hhh and yeah yeah I love you HUUUUUNNNNNNEEEEYYYYYYY and hung up the phone!

Hope yall managed a smile today!!


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