loveeee THIS Jenni Bowlin Studios Paper. I did this for ONESINGLESEED.COM looks so cute with the core dinations cardstock. My baby was almost 3 in this photo. Hard to believe she is 6 now!!

My mother in law is here and she and my sister in law were so sweet. They brought us some fried catfish from Penns. (I was so in heaven) I LOVEEE Penns Fish. About one of the only kinds I will eat. Luckily they found out they will be opening one here in Mobile HE HE. LUCKY ME! Less home sick am I now. They loaded her down with Birthday gifts. I can tell you now that she will not want to go to school tomorrow since nana is here. I bet she will be foaming at the mouth to get out of school.
Im glad she is here. I have missed her. We don’t get to see her very often. I thought my dr appt was tomorrow it is Friday so I am sorry I misinformed ya. SO I will be workin on scrappy stuff tomorrow instead. I am still trying to get used to my new meds they make me very tired.I will be up and about one moment next minute I will be in the bed asleep.

How about AMERICAN IDOL? wow. Lil and Anoop? I really liked Lil she had an amazing voice. so did anoop. I think they will end up with a career I mean look at Jennifer Hudson. She didn’t win American Idol. anyway, Wonder what they will be singing next week.
Bella still likes the girl with the pink hair. (thats another think I keep forgetting names) I think Danny is gonna win. But I still like Adam he rocks.But ya Danny is amazing. I would be happy if he won.
ook I better lay down I took my shot and I have a massive headache.
I need to work on some more stuff tomorrow for Scrapbook Obsessions. Their <a
href=””>May KIT is omg AMAZING.
check out the gallery and look at what our design team has been doing. you wont be disappointed. Every month these kits rock my socks.


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