Today was the day. Hard to believe but yup. she is officially 6 years old.
We took cupcakes and little goody bags to her school and went out on the playground and had her a small party. She said this would be ok instead of having a big birthday party at some fancy kid place that was over priced. Instead we are going to fix her room up into a big girl room (she wants it done like the girl on princess diaries (like a princess would have a room EEEEK) since you know, she is a princess and all lolololol
oh boy..

Bella passing out the goody bags to her class mates.

Her Teacher 🙂 we just love her!!!

I think they all enjoyed the little party. They had cupcakes and sang and had their goody bags and played on the play ground for a few minutes.

THEN tonight, We had her a cake with supper and our friends/neighbors that we consider family David and Diane came over.

she blew out her candles and made a wish.

Got birthday kisses from Aunt Diane and Uncle David.

We made cilantro dip also (ya got some indigestion in a bowl is what i should call it ughhh killin me right now) but man it is sooooo goooooood! David liked it too!
Now Bella is one TIRED LITTLE GIRL (so is her mama and daddy!
It was a very fun day. Bella was anxious to spend some of her gift card and moneys so John took her with him he had to go to wal mart to get the stuff to make cilantro dip. SO she wanted Mario Party SOOOOO bad. SO we let her get that and we paid the difference. so SHE IS A VERY happy little birthday girl tonight.
I hope you all had as great a day as she did.
she is worn out tired and I am about to take a photo of my little birthday girl passed out.

OH YEAH she did get alot of phone calls and messages too but she is wiped out. She will return phone calls tomorrow. she is a tuckered little birthday girl.


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  1. YEP, you cheered me up with your nice comment and looking at your little-BIG girl makes me smile!!! (I have a boy of 16 – quite a difference – so lipstick tips aren’t necessary…teehee) I loved reading the stories on your blog! Thanks!!! (And thanks for your support, it means a lot!)And – OH – before I forget…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl! Fun pictures! My son (only child) turned 6 in February so I can relate. But 5 was really the hardest birthday for me so far. I had a minor meltdown when Evan turned 5 ; )Love your blog!

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