When You find something that works…

How many of you (show me your hands) have say frizzy, curly, out of control hair that just will not co operate? (ME ME ME) Especially when it is lets see, Raining, Humid, sunny and hot, Cold and windy or just a pretty day. I go through product and straightening and then fixing to make my hair look this… way ::sigh:: But some days it just with its own mind does great. Well, I am sure there are a hand full of you right now that are thinking ” OH I HAVE A PRODUCT I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT. IT WORKS SOOOOO GOOOD for me. I have used it for x many years and your hair cannot be any worse than mine. I live in So and so and it is more humid than Rats fighting in a flour sack in the Alabama summer. It will make your hair awesome”
Me and Johnn Nov
Well, I have some great product I use in my hair and It is ok. That is not what this is about actually. I used that to get your attention. It is an analogy. A comparison to help you understand what I am about to tell you.

I know most of you that read my blog know me pretty well or have read my blog and feel you may.
You know I have Multiple Sclerosis along with a laundry list of other issues. NO I am not trying to sell you anything. So rest easy.
We have had so many things happen in our lives the last few years. Tragedies. I was angry. Hurt. Angry. IN PAIN.

Now If you (back to the hair analogy) have a wonderful product that works awesome for your hair.. or that gets rid of your pain. You want to share it with everyone right? You tell everyone you know to go out and get this. You even face book it. You send out coupons and send samples etc.

Well I found what works for me. I worked so hard. harder than I ever worked at anything in my life. It wasn’t easy. With Clean diet and Exercise. I resisted it in a lot of areas I fought it on and off I was grouchy and mean. BUT.. I did it.
I still do it. Am Doing it.

workin out
We found a Church and rededicated our lives to Jesus and mission work to helping others through him. We are doing it not just saying it.
We see a difference in our lives. We are happier. We love more. We want to do more for others. we want less for ourselves. We listen to only Christian music now. yeah we still go places that have regular music and we are not cult members so just stop it.
Last time I checked being in a Baptist Missionary church WAS NOT A CULT. we are praying for you.
The thing is. We now want better for our daughter and ourselves. We don’t think like we used to. We don’t see things like before. I am not saying we are perfect so don’t even start. I am not thumping a bible at anyone. I am working through a lot of things. Things I would have NEVERRRRR considered in a million years. but probably not what you think.
Between me and The lord.
As it should be.
I feel better though. I am not saying because I am going to church and doing this that I don’t hurt physically as much. I think it has more with the clean eating and exercise and I do feel more joy through Jesus.
Doing Mission work through the church makes me feel better.
When I don’t feel good I don’t have to do it.
It isnt a mandatory thing but something I feel is wonderful and maybe something I am meant to do.
Who knows I may can use my talents with someday.
It is important to get involved.

We feel at home and we love our church we feel at home we feel a part of it.
So I want to pass it along because we have found something awesome. Something Wonderful here in Mobile. An amazing place that has A great message. They honestly have Jesus and I firmly Believe that God Speaks through Pastor Bret.
I have never seen a Pastor that will stop his sermon and say I have to say this someone needs this and he will say a statement and IT NEVER FAILS It will be something that will make John and I both stop just almost breathing for a second. IT will be something we had been praying about or talking about the days before or discussing how will we deal with this situation and what are we going to do to take care of this and such. AND IT NEVERRRRRRRRRR EVER FAILS. HE will IN MID SERMON STOPPPP AND SAY. I just have to let someone know GOD HEARS YOU AND What you have been praying about IT isn
t as bad as you think it is. Or You need to look to the original truth on the situation. AND THERE IS NO WAY he would know. NO WAY. we would just look at each other and then back at him. Thinking OK you are freaking us out. Because ONLY GOD could have said that.
IM not kidding. It has happened several times during his sermons. SO NOW YOU KNOW why we are firm believers in this church.
God is in this church.
The ministry they do, The out reach they do is nothing like I have ever seen. This is the first Christmas Eve we have spent doing something other than for ourselves. I’m not gonna say what. It isn’t about us. But just know I think It Blessed us as much as it did what we participated in. It will be remembered forever.

SO This product works… it isn’t new. BUT IT IS AMAZING. It blesses your soul it works wonders for your life. It is FREE for the taking. All you have to do is take it. It is Jesus. I KNOW he is at Dayspring Baptist Church. Without a Doubt.
I have seen him. I would be honored if you are in Mobile Alabama to join us there.
You need to try him. You won’t regret it. IT is the best thing I have ever in my life tried and guess what… ITS A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!
Dunno about you but I have never been more happy in my life. I also will get to see my family again someday. I am no longer afraid of dying. I know where I will be.

John 3 16
For God so loved the world that he gave his forgotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but will have eternal life.


One thought on “When You find something that works…

  1. Amen Nancy, I have friends that go to Day Springs and I know it is a God filled Church. I feel the same way about my Church. So happy you have rededicated your life to the Lord.

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