The card Bella made for Papa (she took over my blog today)

Here is the Card Bella Bella made for PaPa while he is recovering from his Hip replacement surgery. We appreciate your ongoing prayers for him. He is doing pretty good. Still has some more surgery to go so we are trying to keep his spirits up. Bella said nothing does that better than sparklies and Hello Kitty!

AND BUTTONS and stickles… lots of stickles on:

The Front

The Inside

THe Back

Dont you just LUUUUUUUUUUV all the stickles she used????
She reaally went for the sparkly look here. I mean she REALLY went for it. She did a beautiful Job and I think he is gonna LOVE IT. I bet he will really love the buttons the best!(that is what she said!)
We mailed this off to papa today. SHe put it in the Mailbox Herself! She is making another one today to go tomorrow.
Hopefully we will have plenty of cards to send to papa to decorate his room with!
So tell us what you think of Bellas card? whats your favorite thing? Do you like to make cards too? who do you make cards for? Bella wants to know.


One thought on “The card Bella made for Papa (she took over my blog today)

  1. Hi Nancy – usually I just stalk your blog and chuckle at your little piece of mischief, but today the boss wants answers so I'd better answer! Bella I LOVE your card and I like all the Stickles best. I love to make cards too, and I send them to my niece in England who is 6 years old like you. She loves making cards as well, and her favourite things are sequins, pink and purple.Take care Nancy – your blog brightens my day LOLRosey x (Red Squirrel from SJ)

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