Treasures to Scrap has a new contest up for February. Here is your chance to win 100.00 in product from the TTS STORE! Check out the details HERE
This is going to be alot of fun!! SO many kits to choose from!

I think I am finally about to get over this round of shingles. They will get almost gone and then move somewhere else though so Im scared to stop taking the steroids. i start tapering down off them and I get a couple more to pop up. so I guess It is just inevitable. I have been in kinda a daze this whole week though. They will do that to you though. They arent as painful (on me) depending on where they are. I know when they are on my face neck and ears they hurt the worse.

The temperature bouncing back and forth also has been lovely lol.

I tell you it has been fun looking at all the new product coming out from C.H.A. though. That has kept my spirits up. SO much to look forward to coming out from the manufacturers. Now I just have to get well so I can use it all hahaa.

I have stuff sitting on my scrap table right now I JUST HAVE TO GET steady so I can scrap with it!


7 thoughts on “ITS CONTEST TIME!

  1. Hey girl! I had a feeling you were under the weather. Glad those damn shingles are starting to clear up!Check out my blog to see the condition of the box I got from TTS. I was so lucky nothing got ruined-I would have gone “postal”!

  2. Hey girl….I’m so behind in my blog reading…I’m sure hoping those ole shingles are starting to clear up…you have had such a time. Take care and look forward to seeing that stuff on your scrap table….(((HUGS))))

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I had shingles way back in college, due to stress, not fun. Ditto to what Cindy said, lots of people are asking about you over on AMR. Come see us when you feel better.

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