my way????

Bella: Dis issss da dayyyyyy…. dat da lOOOOOORD hath madeeeeeeeeeeeee. I WILLLLLLLLLLLL be JOYCE!! and be glad I diddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

Mommy: ughmm, I thought we talked about this.. I thought we decided that the words were “RE JOICE” and “GLAD IN IT”

Bella looking at me like IM a total moron and have 2 heads: “MOMMY! but I like it better MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY way!”

Which totally sums up our life right now… when you have a 4 year old.. Things are done differently. IT takes you 20 minutes to get a fork for the meal because NO I WANTED A SPOON or I WANNTED THE GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEN ONEEEEE! (why did they invent colored spoons and forks with animals on them and throw them all INTO ONE PACKAGE???? why did my mother bring these to her??? to make my head spin oh yeah I forgot THAT Is why! This person (the one who invented the colored untensils, DIDN’t have kids and wasn’t trying to get through dinner easily were they????)

My father is laughing hysterically in the afterlife and giving his famous wink and thumbs up to the maker of these forks as I curse them under my breath and scowl out the parts where the curse words probably would be.

It has been one of those days.. PRODUCTIVE, yes… I have gotten a mini book,a canvas album, a page, some cards and a tutorial finished all but adding the photos to the canvas mini album class I will be teaching online at the Diner (insert shameless plug) I got it photo’d and the tutorial written. I just have to remember all the measurments because things like that are pretty important to scrapbookers when they go to make something. THey don’t do “Nancy scrapbooking” where you eyeball it and if it is a little off you say OK TURN YOUR HEAD a little more to the left.. THERE… NOW ITS STRAIGHT!!
The rulers come out and they actually MEASURE STUFF (WHO KNEW??) SO as I have been banging my head today against this ruler trying to remember how it works… shut up Di… I have everything almost complete.

BUT FOR NOW.. I gotta run.. there is a 4 year old screaming in the tub that “the water is touching meeeeeeeeee”… So must investigate this one for myself!!


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