which feet are your "fwip fwops" on?

I was looking on Facebook today and saw a friends post about her sweet little girls little sayings. It brought back such memories of my Bella. Since I am stuck here in this house, wanting to be at the beach or better yet AT THE GYM!!! I figured WHY NOT look at some of those precious posts that have some of her little sayings in them and scrapbook pages. I know My mom would love them. Since this weekend I know she would like some smiles! ❤ heart you big, mama. Miss you everyday Daddy. These are from your Bella bug. enjoy.


what is cuter than little feet in flip flops that just happen to be on the wrong feet? The reply I got when I told Bella her flips flops were on the wrong feet. THe conversation went something like this: Mommy: Bella do you know you have your flips flops on the wrong feet? Bella: Huh? Fwip Fwops on wong peet? Mommy: Yeah your flip flops are on the wrong feet. Bella::: looking COMPLETELY ANNOYED:: ugh ughnnn fwip fwops on Bedda’s peet!!!!

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