MS AWARENESS: Sydney Walker

Since March Is MS AWARENESS MONTH, I wanted to do something special. I cannot think of anything more special, than to introduce you to others that are more aware of MS every single day. We all live it, so this is the real MS.  These are the REAL stories and the REAL people that have it. You will see all types and stages of MS. I hope you see how different it can be for everyone..  I would like to add before I start this.(as I always do) check with your Dr before you change anything in your own personal MS regimen. What works for one may not be the answer for another. ~ Nancy


After a couple of years of having different vision trouble, many dr appointments with no answers. I went on vacation to an island right after spring.

Being a hairdresser, precise vision is usually a must. I came home from the trip, woke up the next day with blurry, double and triple vision. My eye sight proceeded to become worse to the point my eyes were literally stuck. I was unable to move them up or down nor right to left. That’s where the start of this journey to find out what was “wrong”  really escalated.

After two spinal taps, they found nothing and was sent home befuddled. This may seem very odd to hear. I then broke out in the hives and I was given prednisone as the result. Which as we all unhappily know is about the only thing that “fixes” us. It also cleared up my hives.  It took another week or so to “straighten up” from all that!

ms 2 ladybugs

I was then referred by my eye doctor to another eye doctor. He knew right away from having me do a few simple tests (reading childrens colored books) that I had M.S. Which at that time,1994, I had NEVER heard of …He then called a neurologist and within less than 3 days I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting  Multiple Sclerosis

.I find laughter in something every day to help deal with M.S. …Laughter is the best medicine!!!

MS not cooties

If someone was just diagnosed I would tell them not to overwhelm themselves with everything they hear,or  read just any and everything. It can be very scary! When going through a hard time with M.S. my advice is If you have a understanding person keep them close, don’t push them away. Try to find your comfy place, having a pity party is totally fine. Just don’t stay there forever, And remember this to shall pass.


Thank you Sydney! You truly are an MS WARRIOR! I have not known Sydney that long but what I do know SHE TRULY IS a fighter!  MS will not get in her way. She is very funny and has made me laugh on so many occasions.  kEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT FRIEND!

 MS Believe in the cure

If you have M.S.and would like to have your story highlighted here on my blog for National MS month, Please contact me at


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