MS AWARENESS Randy and Susan Fedric

It is National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month and I wanted to do something special on my blog this month.  I cannot think of anything more special than to introduce you to others that are more aware of MS every single day.  These are the REAL stories of MS and the REAL people that have it. You will see all types of people and stages of MS. I hope you see how different people are that have it. Please  (as always) check with your Dr. before you change anything in your own personal MS regimen. What works for one may not be the answer for another. ~ Nancy

Today’s post is going to be a little different. It is about a couple and they BOTH have Multiple Sclerosis. Yes you read this correct. BOTH of them.  Their story of faith and how they deal with this disease is truly glorious.  I have known Randy Fedric for some time. I will never forget when he told us he met Susan. Their love for the the lord and each other well. I just love em to pieces. They completely inspire so many and I just could not do any type of awareness without them. You will see why.

susan and randy wedding pic

Susan: “We met online… in an MS support group.

Randy was diagnosed in 2009 after going through over 8 years of symptoms. Susan  was diagnosed in 2010 after many years of weird symptoms. She also has fibromyalgia, so a lot going on kept being blamed on that.

Susan fedr and Randy

We have to go to a lot of doctor appointments. We have struggles everyday of some sort. That would cause a person to be in a cranky mood most of the time or mad at God because he allowed that to happen, but we don’t look at it that way. It keeps us closer to God because we have to depend on him. MS has deepened our faith in the Lord. We have to get to some point to where we realize that our complete and total value is on the fact that we are God’s children.


Susan andRandy MSWALKK

It is not how you look, it is not what kind of job you have, it is not what kind of house we live in, or what kind of car we drive, what size we are, or how smart we are. It is none of those things. That is what MS has shown me. I don’t have to be able to have the really good nursing job that I used to have to be something of value. My value is that I am a princess of the King, and that is it!. All the other stuff does not matter.”

Susan Fedricc

One of the  things Randy  realized since being  diagnosed with MS, is my ability to do things in the past. I could do anything. I could do construction, carpentry work, welding, and work on vehicles.


Randy fedric

Now, I am not able to do the things the same way I used to do. God has shown me that I depended a whole lot more on what I could do,  more than I depended on him. He helped me to realize that my dependence needed to be 100% him

Randy and Susan

Our advice to people out there that are newly diagnosed  and also for the warriors that maybe are having a rough time with this disease is to learn to pace yourself, learning to conserve your energy is a lifelong process, so as to stay active and not over do.

susan and randy MS WALK

Learning that when you have a bad day, it won’t last forever it is just that a bad DAY. Allow yourself to experience those days and talk about it. GET SUPPORT. Negativity is not a good thing for Multiple Sclerosis.  This is reality. No  person is an island unto themselves. Everyone needs a healthy support system.

Randy and Susan have  3 boys and 6 fur babies to keep them busy. In her spare time Susan enjoys making crafty stuff, from scrapbooking to other crafts it is great diversion therapy.” (I  agree with that Susan)

susan fedric crafty

If you have M.S.and would like to have your story highlighted for National MS month feel free to contact me at

MS Believe in the cure


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