HELLO all you awesome people. A few things today. I am working hard on some stuff for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month.(NO I DID NOT wear orange today steroids have me too fluffy to fit in my orange. SO, I wore blue and Black and argued, it was a perception thing and could be orange and cream if the lighting was different) You know my crazy.

The good news, I got a good report and, I will be soon back to my (see picture above) self in no time. Because I look like I swallowed all of us and snow white right now. Thanks to steroids.(I hear you all doing the I KNOW SISTA groan)  My dr asked what was I eating today. I laughed because,

take prednisone

 its obvious and told him. “Given enough ketchup.. what won’t I eat right now.I’d eat your shoe cause I am kinda hungry.”  I have been on steroids.” How long will this be in my body? make it stop!” He knows I am always going to bring laughter when I am there. This is just how it is. Hey he is supposed to fix it right? We discussed how well I did with the exercise clean eating thing. He said lets do that but (as I have been saying and know this I cannot go crazy with protein because of shingles) I have to go more veggie.  So operation clean the diet is underway. I may be hatin on everybody for the next few weeks



This month (the rest of it)  I have been gathering  stories from some awesome people as to  with all sorts of things questions, their advice, how they deal, all kinda stuff I have a lot of mail I am going through and I will get a post up shortly.  FIrst…


I wanted to also bring some attention to something we don’t always talk about during MS awareness month. Our caregivers.
I personally want to thank and give a huge THANK YOU to all of the care givers out there.
Without you I don’t know what we would do.
(I love you John and Bella and the rest of everyone that helps us )

I personally challenge you to be sure if you have a caregiver (even if that person is yourself) today to say an extra THANK YOU, Give and extra hug to your care givers.
THey need a ribbon and a month of awareness themselves!


sometimes thank you

thank you for being awesome

OK I have a lot more work to do, so I have to get busy. Had the dr appt. this morning. (My dr is leaving ::tear::  so was my last visit with him)  Going to miss him.   He is awesome.Seriously though, I wish him well. I THANK HIM for taking such amazing care of me, us. He will do amazing in research. I know he cares and will be looking out for all of us. Good luck to you Dr. Eckstein we will miss you so much here.  You made our lives better.  I chose caregivers today because. YOU were one of mine and You as well as my other dr’s, The nurses, My Husband, everyone that  have taken great care of me. I THANK YOU.

Till later My Fellow MS’ers

stay strong your worth it




Nancy with My JONES

MS Believe in the cure


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