2015 TRIED AND TRUE.. Back to me and you

I an effort to get my me back in 2015, I have decided to start writing again. It did me a lot of good. I also have A LOT of scrapbooking to catch up on. It did me a lot of good in accountability and daily self checks. I know my family likes to look at the pages and things so this is a place that is standard that everyone can see. So much happened in 2014 and I didn’t get much done really. I had a humongous Shingle flare up which led to an M.S. flare up, which led to a new medication I took one of that caused an allergic reaction and HUGOMONGOUS WORSE SHINGLE OUTBREAK IN THE HISTORY OF  SHINGLE OUTBREAK, more steroids… then eye infection, then shingles on the other side… and then a viral infection.  This was the biggest break out I have ever had in my life. It was terrifying because it wouldn’t go away and got right around my eye, down in my ear and places that caused pain I never have had. Im not saying that for woe is me, but if this helps just one person to understand, and get diagnosed earlier. Or to understand what someone else with this horrific disease does. then YAY. The last 6 months have been unreal.  a True test of so much.  one day to the next not knowing what now.. So many are sick I understand that.  this was a really bad place I was in. I’m very blessed with the support I have. I want to pay some of it forward to others.  So I can give back here.   I want to do something positive. Something that I know.

Our bodies change. MS is a fickle illness. Having Chronic Shingles along with it makes it difficult. I am fortunate to have one of the leading MS specialists in Mobile as my dr …. but wait. He is leaving in April. I KNOWWWW. I have cried, Begged, Bribed. But His heart is in research and teaching. Honestly we are so lucky to have him there. He promised me if a study comes up that fits me He will call me. I love this dr yall so My next one … he will be in for it. ha. He is making sure I am well taken care of before he goes (thank you lord)

I wanted to do a catch up  post on here the first post of wonderful things that happened in 2014 I can only tell of one thing. Nothing can top this.


BELLA GOT BAPTIZED!! We were/are beyond proud.


Bellas baptism certificate


Bella  baptism photo



(Photo compliments of David Carter Photography)

This photo looks amazing in person I took a picture of it with my phone so you could see how amazing this day was. So forgive my shaky hands. My photography isn’t so great anymore.

 It was a wonderful day. We were so happy that Aunt Irene, My Mom and a very special person in our life Bellas teacher from kindergarten as well as a close family friend Mrs Glenda Massengill  were all able to be there.

We had tried to do the baptism several times, Things kept happening. Bella would get sick or I would get  sick or family couldn’t be there or something was going on at the church.

I didn’t personally take any pictures. (I KNOWWW) I was too busy  looking in full amazement.  Y’all! The choir loft was  dark and all of the choir was turned looking  up at the  baptismal, it is  hard to explain it was surreal,  The  Lights were all off except the spot light.   The over flowing light of the Choir looking up at them… It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It kinda reminded me of a glimpse into heaven sorta maybe almost and made me think the lord himself was right there and these were all the angels of heaven stopped still, looking at what was happening.  Rejoicing that my baby was now  part of this kingdom. I know .. How arrogant of me to think such. Who am I but just a human. But if you could have seen what was in front of me.. It was breath taking. Yes I was crying.

I knew at that moment Bella’s Nana in heaven and my Grandmother  well everyone that had gone before us and is waiting on us there were ELATED beyond Joy and I KNOW that the Lord Jesus was thrilled. Bella had given her heart to Jesus a long time ago.  She was little when she came to us with this decision. Matter of fact Mrs. Gloria Massengill played a huge part in that.  So many people think children are too young. But, I dunno.. She knew.  I talked to Mrs. Gloria and she talked with her too. It was the sweetest thing ever. That is why I was so happy she was there to see the follow through of the baptism. Bella never wanted to  physically get baptized.  Pastor Brett did a sermon one sunday and in his sermon he spoke a little about why we get Baptized. On that Sunday Bella came in and said ” Ok  fine…  I need to do it. she sighed.. I need to get Baptized. If Jesus can do it… I can do it.”  (she was scared of the water) My heart leapt.  Yes I cried. (You see a pattern here?)

When you accept Jesus as your savior it is the most amazing day ever. You feel so alive and excited. People, let me tell you… When your child gets baptized… When your child accepts Jesus and you KNOW they get it. They truly mean it and you know they are fully there. without a doubt.  There is not a feeling in the world like it.

I know I am not perfect. I fail daily I am far from worthy.  I am easy to loose focus and get frustrated so easy. YET, I can say this. I recognize blessings when I see it. I know Where my hope is found. I know Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.

 I know 2015 is going to be better because THIS was the most amazing thing that happened in 2014.  When I sat trying to think of something positive. All I could think about was this. So 2015 is going to build on it.

We haven’t been in church in the last .. long while. I miss it. Sickness has been a mess. BUT, IT IS  better.  We waited out today because I start new medication and I DID NOT want to risk it.  If I get sick I cant start it.

 2015 is going to be a rebuilding year for us.  Going back to what we know. We tried all the other stuff in 2014.. we tried other ways of doing things.  we tried medications that led to getting very ill.   When the way I was doing things was working (clean eating exercising and doing steroids when I had the occasional flare up)  Going to church  living simply and staying with the basics. Scrapbooking our life  and living our love song day to day the way God intended.  Sometimes it is just best to stick with what you know works.  Quit trying for “NEW AND IMPROVED” when TRIED AND TRUE is NOT BROKE.

So I will be updating this more regularly and putting some recipes on what clean eats I use. Exercises that help me with certain  problems with things.   THESE ARE THINGS THAT WORK FOR ME!!!! So for the necessary stuff: (sorry I have too because.. well you know those labels on hair dryers that say don’t use  this in the shower.. there is a reason for that so I have to do this same reason)

I am monitored by a dr. I am not just going all willy nilly doing all this.  So do not just do this and then say NANCY SAIDDDD. Go your self to the dr and tell em whats going on. Ask them if this could work for you. Everyone is different and you could have a different set of issues that it could hurt.  Cause… I ain’t gone be tellin you to do nothin to hurt you.. with me? k. just gettin all that straight now. 

Starting tomorrow I will start eating clean so … approach with caution as I go through detox of sugars , excess toxins blah blah and etc. 🙂 Prayer will be happening all day and welcomed.



Tip: Have a Pre made jug (I do a gallon) of ICE COLD, as cold as you can get it water with lemon, cucumber, a little fresh mint if you have it, and lemon wedges. (lime works ok but lemon is a great detox) Prepare the night before and put in the refrigerator so it sits over night. (I have a big jug that has a little spout on the front i can push and it fills my cup straight from the fridge no lifting) drink on this all day long until it is empty!!!

Here is why. As the cucumber, Fresh mint and lemon sit over night they soak into the water and flavor it with its goodness. The cucumber helps flush out toxins and promotes clear skin, They aid in digestion and help us absorb hydration.  Use half a medium cucumber per gallon,  Lemon (take out seeds) is a diuretic that will help FLUSH your system, and cut down your cravings for sweets,   CUT THE LEMON AND CUCUMBER AS THIN AS YOU CAN FOR OPTIMAL FLAVORED WATER.  MINT about 10 to 12 sprigs.. The mint will help appetite suppression.  All of it together also increases your metabolism. It is good for you. I would NOT drink this every day  Good plain water is good also.  But it is great during the first 3 days of detox to help speed it along to get those toxins out!! DRINK DRINK DRINK.

BONUS TIP: Pre make your food for the day the night before so you wont be hungry and “looking” for something quick. It will be right there for you to grab and eat. I always make a turkey roll up or lettuce wrap, I have my protein shake sitting on the cabinet ready for me to mix so It is a NON THOUGHT.

I learned this from some very intelligent people and they were right. It works.  I keep veggies cut up, I keep my salad prepared for lunch or my rice and chicken whatever my meal is ready for quick eating so I wont attempt to grab something that is “easy”



Here is something easy for you to get you started. I  like to do this and make enough for several days. SO MUCH you can do with this, Freezes well also!


Instead of the seasonings they use. I use ONLY Mrs.Dash Original, Mrs Dash Onion and Herb and  Mrs. Dash Garlic and herb.  A little pink salt and a little pepper. If you want evoo and Acv add a bit to taste.

You can  drain then cool completely.  Store it in  pre measured zip locs or just in a dish. Then have wraps, Chicken and rice with Broccoli, Spinach or whatever veggie, Chicken and salad. Or whatever  your clean meal is and the chicken is already done. If others in your family are not eating clean (which THEY SHOULD BE) They can add it to whatever they are eating as well (Bella likes it in Mac and cheese)


natural ways to treat Multiple Sclerosis

Again be sure to check with your dr before adding subtracting or changing any medication to your healthcare regimen.  I am not a dr.. I don’t even play one on the internet. I just read stuff that looks interesting. If It helps AWESOME!!!


Ordinary acts



Let me know what you think of this post. More of the same? not so much? eeeh?


3 thoughts on “2015 TRIED AND TRUE.. Back to me and you

  1. I am so grateful to the Lord Jesus that he saved Bella’s soul! Great rejoicing in heaven, yes! I am excited about what you will be eating. Could you be very specific in your recipes about what you use? I am looking at causes of MS and I’d love to see if you are eating these foods. Like the turkey wrap – is it wrapped in a flour tortilla and if so, what kind? Or maybe tell me what you’d eat when not clean eating… And the coenzymeq10 is closely related to what causes MS – do you ever take supplements? Anyway, so interesting! Love your blog!

    • Thank you so much! We are so proud of her! In regards to the Turkey Wrap. I either use the turkey as the wrap part, OR I use head lettuce and use a lettuce leaf which is so yummy and adds extra water and fiber to your diet, I also found these awesome things called Fold Its. They are usually in the Deli section in the grocery some are in the bread section. You have to read the labels because some have sugar in them. A couple don’t. I buy them 2 at the time (the smallest ones) and keep one in the freezer and one in the fridge for easy lunch. I put turkey, or chicken, spinach, lettuce and a little tomato, fresh sprouts, or whatever veggie I am eating that day. I eat A LOT of baby spinach for potassium since I am always low or border line low. I cut it up little with scissors and it in food to sneak it in. I don’t eat it for taste I eat it for nutrition. I dont mind the taste though as long as it isn’t cooked. If I cook it I have to cut it up tiny. I know. I like it that way in rice with broccoli stir fried. I use extra virgin olive oil and stir fry chicken I use again Only Mrs dash (read labels a few of those have sugar and I look for lowest sodium) chop up my chicken then add my steamed rice, my scissor cut baby spinach that I cut tiny, then my broccoli , I add a bit of purple onion or red onion and Yellow squash or even zucchini I cut it up in small cubes, I dont over cook I like it kinda crisp, since chicken and rice are already cooked I dont have to steam but maybe 5 to 7 minutes till the brocolli is brighter green. It is good with frozen green beans also. Let them get just fork tender not floppy. You can variate this recipe easy with different veggies but watch how many. You don’t want to go crazy. You can still over eat. I make enough so I can have another meal or two to put in the fridge to nuke. It doesn’t freeze well. I will be showing demos with photos as I cook some of these favorite recipes as well. and give variations and substitutes. JUST WAIT till I show yall spaghetti squash and HOW MANY different things you can make with it!!!!

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