If I have to do the 2 step… I demand George Strait!!

I ….. HAVE….. HAD….. E N O U G H of T H IS!!!!! It just stinks all the way around. I wake up and there it is… across my forehead like a  dadblasted  flag flying laughing at me doing the fingers in ears wiggling sticking its tongue out laughing going neeeener neeeener YOU AIN’T goin nowwwwheeeere ha ha haaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaa ha!  

I keep feeling like I take one step forward and two steps back. This dance is not on a sawdust dance floor like in my dreamz and I am not in the arms of George Strait by any means.  OH SHUT UP he is young in my dreams and I am over 40 now I can dream about who I want. I have shingles!! BE NICE TO ME. ok at least cordial. 

I cut back on my Valtrex from the “GREAT BIG your gonna die if you don’t Take this dose because you were just on thousand mg steroid iv for a week” dose like it said on the bottle.  3 days later BAM! eyes were starting to feel weird and  little dipper appeared on forehead. Image

kinda looks like a triangle and then a line going to the big bump on the side of my temple tiny  bumps  ya.. it switched sides.  as you can see from my wrinkled brow I AM NOT HAPPY.  (don’t look at the hair or unkept eye brows yes I need to see my hair dresser I have it in my hair too and that is the last thing on my mind right now owww can you imagine ughh can barely stand to brush my hair.)  

So  I THOUGHT I was Sooo much better. THOUGHT I was doing stuff this week for back to school for my girl. THOUGHT I was starting our life back to normal  good heavens they need it she desperately needs it, my husband good lord bless that man he needs it. (thank you honey I am so sorry. I am trying)   Thought I was back at the gym. Thought I was cleaning this disgusting house  I did do a little bit but… nope.  

Today, I sat and did not a thing. I made cards and chilled with my girl. watched movies.  everytime I got up it was “what are you doin where are you going why are you up?”   I do not like this.  I cannot just sit hereeeeeeeeeee anymore. . sooooo….

I made 2 cards. Bella made 11 she would let me take a picture of. But she made a whole slew of them. They are sooooo cuuute and she was so serious about it. 

I will put photos here and let her tell yall all about them. 

Tomorrow more of the same. Doctor (look at my eyes) just because it is so close to my eyes and they went wonky.  They feel gritty and weird (the right one)  but I can see it got scary the other night but it went back away after sleep. That is when the little dipper showed up on forehead. Eye was better though. so  ehhh whats worse? 

I need my hair done. BAD.  probably gonna be another few weeks now after all these dr things. good thing OMBREE is in (aka roooots) 

THIS TOO SHALL PASS. swelling will be gone and it will be written down as another obstacle crossed.   


Could always be worse I mean.. could be the big dipper?

Wish Big




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