I She and We… SCRAP!

The end of the week I started feeling something close to a human again. I could finally put on clothes that were not my husbands thread-bare old yard shirts with boxers. (yeah sorry for the mental image)  If you are one of the many that have had shingles, Then you are totally gettin’ me on that part. You do not want ANYTHING touching you.. I did pretty well until it got up on my ears and head . (it was mainly on neck shoulders back and chest. AND THEN.. arraggghrghharggggh  I became mean pirate Nancy.  Grouchy “lemmelone! Who goes there? what is that sound? shhh be quiet? Turn off the light!! leave me in my cave grrrrrrrr!”

THEN FINALLY :: morning flutes lightly and gleefully play:: you wake up and realize hmm That there is light coming through the window and HEY! I AM NOT MELTING! IT DOESN’T BURN! LAAAAAA!!! 

That my friends is how Shingles work. It is what I would imagine Hell to be like but worse.

So When I finally later in the week started feeling a little better and my daughter felt it safe to come around me. When I no longer had,  this perpetual scowl on my face  or that hardened wrinkly eye squint,  because of sensitive eyes to the bright light in the living room. I actually almost looked like “Normal Mom” the one she had grown to almost like in the last several months. The one that she played with and went outside with… The one that cooked and did things around the house. It was almost like some mysterious super hero that  wears a cape for instead of an apron….


WHO WAS THAT woman that was doing all this stuff?  I dunno.. she disappeared as fast as she appeared. Some say she will return after this flare is over. My family sure does miss her. They got pretty spoiled by this caped Mom person that  ran around like a normal person. I kinda liked her too. Missed that person in our life.  she seemed like a long forgotten memory. hmmm. Maybe we will see her again soon. ::as we sit with our hands up to our forehead looking off in the distance hoping to get a glance:: PLEASE COME BACK!!! SOOON!


So I decided (since I COULD SEEEE!)  I am going to FINALLY start scrapbooking our Disney trip. then I couldn’t find the photos.  (this figures huh) I did find a few I had put in an album. The rest I couldn’t tell you where they ran off too and I had them in 2 boxes Neither are anywhere I can find.  but I HAVE A LOT of help moving things around.

This is NOT the first layout I wanted to do but it is well and good that it is the one I scrapped. I had just received some of this paper but, I mixed it with all kinds of different things I have gotten in I can’t remember when. I had a blast with this KaiserCraft line which is Appropriately called: ENCHANTING. I mean how PERFECT is that?



That, is not the only line I used on here by any means  I will fill you in on everything product wise in just a minute. Most of these are from  Scarlet Lime kits and a few other kits I have  Sorry this photo is a little lopsided (my eyes are still not 100%) It is better than the phone photo I took the night before BEEELIEEEVE ME! ha ha

 SO I have to tell you about this: Yall know this Disney trip we took was just a DREAM COME TRUE for our family. We had been trying to go to Disney with Bella for a long long time.

 The page I do that will go along with this page will have photos of the staff and WHAT they did for us. AND HOW us getting to have THIS experience came to be. We saved  up a VERY long time and went through MAIN STREET MEMORIES, Brittney  was our rep (and our rep for every future endeavor we may/are having) here and did an amazing Job for us. IT IS A FREE service Disney provides to help you plan your vacation just call Main Street Memories ask her about it.  She will help you find the BEST DEALS etc for your family. Saved us a TON of money!  (shameless plug for Brit)


We got to go play with Belle at Story Time With Belle in Fantasy Land.  It was a surprise. We had not planned it by any means. In fact on that day we had OTHER PLANS and I said ughh WHAT PLANS we can do that later.. We had tried unsuccessfully to get into BE OUR GUEST to eat and I didn’t even KNOW about this place. Matter of fact,  We couldn’t get in to any of the new stuff it was sheer  Disney magic we got to do this. A person at one of the front offices was RUDE (told me that our tickets to something we were about to do  were not real, That we had been scammed, (YEAH can  you imagine) I knew better but he wouldn’t listen to me.  (I was on a scooter and I guess he thought I was an idiot) He finally had me crying, and in swooped this man. Before it was over they gave us 3 wishes and O.M.Goodness I still to this day cannot believe all that happened. But am forever Grateful for a rude man making me cry.  He Definitely did not ruin what we waited so long for! (I was about to take off my shoe) Image


I also used: American Crafts Camp paper (thats the orange paper that looks like wood.) Bazzill cardstock.  Kaiser Crafts Floral Delight- Enchanting and Enchanting Stripes~  Also Sunshine  and Sunshine Stripes~ Basic Grey Mint Julep

 Products used for this layout are included as follows: Glizt hello Friend~ Everything is edged with Tim Holtz Distress Stains in Vintage Photo. Pink Paislee Wooden Expressions Wooden letters Wood Shop and alphas, Tinted with Tim Holtz Distres Stains in Vintage Photo~ Prima say it with Crystals lady bird~ (I put several of them together to make that flourishy bouquet on left) Basic Grey Fact or Fiction epherma chipboard (these were so fun)  Fancy Pants Designs Park Bench Border stickers, Basic Grey Paper Ribbon Sweet Threads. KaiserCrafts Jewels and Pearls,  Prima HoliGlitz Sprays(flowers) , Basic Grey letter Stickers Oliver, Not sure who made the Yellow ribbon it was in my stash,  Heidi Swapp, Chipboard Clocks,  Pebbles Phrase Stickers (Lake edition), Pink Paislee Flip Notes, Copic Multi liner *10 



I love this little phrase. .and THIS DAY TRULY was one of the most wonderful days. NO DOUBT!

Product list continued: Fancy Pants Designs  banners and sentiments also Rub on’s by them as well (older line was partial package) ~ Studio Calico  Epherma package and embelishment stickers~ Prima layered butterflies ~  butterfly tentacles made from Prima HoliGlitz Flower Sprays.



LOVE these Basic Grey Fact or Fiction Letter tiles. SOOO CUTE. 



This was the most difficult part for me on this layout. I am one of those that takes forever on a page. (you see all this stuff on here? I am nitpicky on things, BUT it all has a reason and a place. A meaning. I wanted the left side to have something there to balance it for sight, and artistically it to be beautiful (I mean this is BELLE  and Beast’s Castle something REALLY SPECIAL for Pete’s Sake) But I wanted it to MEAN something? I hope this makes sense. I looked through our Disney stuff. Souvenirs, The Disney Papers and Embellishments that I had. The soubeneirs I just couldn’t use, (the Pins) Bella would  SCREAM if I used them. Everything looked so eghhhh CARTOOONY in the Disney things. It just didn’t do it justice to HOW BEAUTIFUL everything inside here was. I just CANNOT explain what my eyes were seeing and Bella’s face. I needed something to just NOT take away,  but to make you see THAT BABY’S FACE. The photos were so dark but it WAS SO dark (see the candelabra whatever his name was, I can’t remember) and you couldn’t use a flash much in there.

SO I made a flower… I didn’t like it. The yellow was kinda not blending and it didn’t do it justice. So I started just throwing things together. I just kept layering… and layering. Thinking about The story of Beautiful Belle, how Glamorous she is and how Bella was JUST IN AWE, when she came in the room. In all her 9 year oldness, I had tears in my eyes. We were right there we could TOUCH her. WE WERE INNNNNNNN the STORY WITH BELLE. We could TALK TO HER and SEE HER.  My Bella was just so amazed and HER FACE…. She just kept LOOKING AT HER and you could see her thinking “WOW YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL. Do you KNOW YOUR BELLE?”

 I had tears down my face. I never in a million YEARS  Dreamed we would be right here. RIGHT NOW getting to sit IN here with Belle. My husband my Precious mother in law that would no longer be on this earth in a few short days grabbed my hand as if to tell me I TOTTALLY GET IT. I tell her “LOOK AT MY BABY. She is the happiest I have ever seen her.” She says “AND WE FINALLY made it!!!”

SOME WHERE UP there I know this woman is so happy it is as if her life was complete. Silly as it may sound. 

(ya this might just be my journaling on the second page)


SO this had to be REALLY special. The roses to represent yes the Rose in the story. 9’s for my 9 year old, Arrow to look over at her face. JUST LOOK at that face.  The date so we never ever forget. (AS IF WE COULD)  The  pink (because it matched and looked cute pearl bling on that vellum (was that not perfect It just appeared no clue who makes this or whereeeeee it came from i found it in a little zip lock all by itselfff creepy but amazing all the same)  IT HAD to be on there. And Beautiful. The little Studio Calico index that you cannot read it is so small says: “Something Special” and A clock because Belle’s Dad was a trinket, clock maker, junk,  type man. When you go and see it you will understand.  I won’t give away any surprises it is so amazing though.



Side View so you can see how many layers is on this . 

Products Include: Maya Road roses, Heidi Swapp chipboard Clocks, Basic Grey alpha stickers, Basic Grey Chipboard, Prima pearl bling, October Afternoon Chipboard 5 & dime, Glitz Tiny shimmer Alpha, Studio Calico sticker, Pink Paislee Journaling sheet.




Last but not least THE JOURNALING for this layout: 

I didn’t put  much on this page in way of Journaling. I am going to do ANOTHER page to go with it telling all the story behind it and there is SO MUCH MORE to say so I just told the basics of WHAT  and  When The Where is kinda explanatory in the title. 

“Amazing doesn’t seem to describe your experience with Belle. You were overjoyed to be chosen as the wardrobe in the story. Just look at your face!!!! True Disney magic!”

Handwriting is still a little shaky but.. It is MY handwriting (eyes are still kinda weird) 

I hope to get to head back to the gym Monday. I have a couple spots I am concerned about One Dr said I can one said EHHHHH. John is saying lets see what it looks like Monday.   I AM BEING OPTIMISTIC!! I am ready to get back to it. I have stuff to prepare for. October a walk and December 1  Back here with my fav man and My Fav girl and PRAYING NO WHEEELS THIS TIME!!!!!!!

NEVER EVER ever give up!!!

Wish Big!!







*Disclaimer any mistakes, typos, anything that maybe doesn’t match exactly, a product maybe was forgotten or labeled wrong, or forgotten to be mentioned, or any other something on any layout of mine or on my blog, Maybe ok probably, is more like it, Some mis-spelled word or if more like when, my grammar is not exactly proper and we knnow it will happen, THIS is just a little something extra. (a tiny gift so to speak) I am not perfect by any means, but I sure do try to have fun and make the best of some horrible situations!


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