Kickin’ it where it counts.

So I have been doing this “work out stuff” a lot. I can see a HUGE difference. Especially since November. We have had as you can look back and see SO VERY MUCH happen in our lives since then. TOO MUCH.  Seems like it is always something.  Guess that is called life.  This is that difficult time in life where too much stuff changes. I don’t like that.

My Dr. wrote me this prescription He is very creative in dealing with my  hardheadedness  he is cool that way, guess he knows me too well, that told me I HAD NO CHOICE but to reduce stress, get rid of  any and ALL, negativity in my life if I wanted to see my daughter grow up.  Ya kick you in the gut why don’t ya? He knows how to get to me.

Ya that makes you stop and think about your circle. NOT just the one around your waist. When my Mother In Love died, and it tore my heart out.  BUT, it really made me stop and evaluate a lot. What was I wasting time on and WHO? I was nottt in a good place. Felt myself going right back to where I was in 1995.  I had 2 well I guess you could say a few MAJOR differences though. I had this AMAZING man, I love more than anything in this world, that is my husband, this child that I prayed for desperately and would do anything for, that needed her mother.

I also had  been going to P T & N  the awesome little  Gym that has been helping me fight my way back from the horrific pain of M.S.  It is awesome. The owners are amazing.  So is the staff there. NO secret  how much I think of them.  Jan Horn, Mike’s  wife is so amazing. Her story is phenomenal. She is so strong.  Very inspirational. Very supportive. I really relate to her.  Mike Horn(aka as I call him The Hulk) is very uplifting and supportive Very encouraging and cheers us on.  His trainers  are great. They push you to do your best.  BUT are creative with how they keep you working your cognitive skills (reverse your workout, change it up add things, LOVE IT!!! Always challenging you)

They are ALWAYS Very Positive. There are so many people there in worse shape with illness and things going on that fight so hard to be better. YOU CANNOT HELP BUT feel uplifted when you go there.  They  have helped me in more ways than you can ever imagine.  I don’t think they even know.  I owe them so much. literally I don’t think they really know what they have done for my family.

What they are doing physically for MS is astounding. I have finally found something that works for me.  So yeah I will shout it from the roof tops.  I know it works too because when I eat something wrong… I start hurting and feel like yuck. so I keep at it. NOT JUST M.S. either Arthritis, diabetes, lupus,  joint replacements I can’t tell you all the different illness people fight that come in there.  UNREAL.  I am telling you its awesome!

I have so many goals now.

I had not been doing that before.

I had lost so much confidence and basically respect for myself. I focused on what I USED TO BE.  NOW.. I am looking forward to things.  I get so excited about well EVERYTHING. It has bled over into our daily life I encourage Bella more on everything and try to get her to focus more on goals and GRADES (hahahaha ya) I now think if I clean up her diet she would do better in school. YA SHE LOVESSS ME for that!!!! My husband has lost weight because of my “healthy eatin crapp” he secretly loves it. well on me he does.  HE won’t say it but I KNOW he is proud… and a little worried . Especially when I am getting where I can kick his butt. (as if there was a question hahahaha yes thats a challenge baby) He likes it rough.  (just seein if your really reading this)

So ya this is an about me post.  an update per say. But mostly a GRATEFUL thank you. I never say it enough. For the people who have been tortured with  food on facebook and my work out posts. Sorry but It will keep happening.  My continuous  pinterest posts trying to keep myself focused that I CAN AND WILL DO THIS. They are to remind MY SELF mainly that ya this is hard but I have this kid.. that needs her mom, and if you know me you know I have to refocus myself CONSTANTLY. I see something shiny and Im gone…. That will keep happening too.

For all my work out posts saying I did this and I did that I ate this or I’m having a hard time with that today.  It is called accountability. I have people that bust my butt when I do bad and cheer me forth when I do right. THANK YOU for muttling through it. NOT saying there won’t be more.  Because It will be and I KNOW that IT will get harder.

 Summer is coming that is when the tough work begins. Thanks so VERY MUCH to the P T &N people for working out with me and all the encouragement. Yall are so awesome.   The staff the people that go there, everyone. They are like this family of knowledge.  Everyone has their own battles everyone is fighting something has been through something or is going through their own battle.  Makes you feel encouraged to be around such strength.

Thanks to my Hubby and daughter for supporting my eating and exercising and coffee faces and  obsessive waterrrrr drinking. THEN  running to the bathroom mid sentence (see waterrrr) love ya biggg!  Just everyone for supporting me in my circle.  Changes are hard.   Especially when you don’t have support. so It makes it easier when you do.  And don’t worry about the ones that don’t My ears don’t work that well with ear buds in with applause playing.

So you may wonder what all this is for? WHY I have been doing all this. LIFE. NO PAIN,  MAKING IT THROUGH SUMMER.  That is when I am at my worse.  BUT this year I am working hard now to see that I can tolerate this heat. You know how it is in lower Alabama. GET THIS though. I KNOW it is working. I have been able to sweat and get hot in the gym and I have been able to go a little longer and longer before I get to  that ok I am going to pass out feeling and all noodley legs.  I went longer today than I have gone EVER. Each time I push and push a little harder a little further than I am used to.

so I am positively believing I am going to make it just fine this year.   I am tired of hurting all the time. I don’t want to take all these meds and want to make memories not misery with my family.  So my current goals through summer are:

NO relapses

NO hospital stays

NO iv’s

NO steroid treatments

NO big time meds to go on

NO blindness be it partial, color or drop shadows, keep vision stable.

NO anything to assist walking or well ANYTHING. stay in attic! BAM!

NO stepping back

Just hard work outs

Eating right

staying focused

staying positive

stress less

This time last year. Well the last 3 years I have been in the hospital so I can mark that off my list. So as far as I am concerned..  I am doing them, Have been doing them. Will continue to.   Gonna mark these off  have come through so many already.    Waiting to hear MRI results I am going with no news.. is good news.   I want fun things this summer more photos with my daughter more memories and  fun. Not pain and  yuck.  SO… I want to thank those that support our circle  It is deeeply appreciated.  I am going to continue the hard part.  The work! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Photo: Please share this even for a few minutes in your timeline/status

Wish big!!!!!



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