HI yall… I have been working with a lot of help (thanks Honey) getting computers, servers, and well everything changed. IN MORE WAYS than one. So much has been going on in our lives. I finally got my domain/url back and have been transferring things (slowly) It’s much work but I don’t want to loose all those photos tutorials and priceless moments from all these years. Thank the lord for backing things up huh?

I came across this post in all of it. We had found this actual Mini album when we were at John’s dad’s.  It is still hard to look at some times. I tell you I have never been happier that I did all of those scrapbooks and mini albums. OVERJOYED actually. ALL those annoying photos I took  ha. BUT so glad…to have them  It is a reminder of why I do what I do. Wonderful Memories recorded for my daughter and husband to have. Precious moments that we won’t ever forget.

The words in this mini book were like unreal, what was being written through my hands and soul onto this paper that was about to happen in a very short  time it seems after . I thank God I took these photos for my sweet girl. Actually I took them to make this album for Mom. I am so glad I got to see this moment they shared.

Here is the original post of the album  The post was I made for Unkit Live with Sudie. We showed it on air at her after show we did. I will start posting new posts here soon.  YES I will get my old categories moved from my old blog to this one (I know that someone will ask they did when I did before I am working on it  just got all 4000 ish photos moved the header and all the posts from all the way back to 2007 moved (safely thank you lord) so .. SOOON it will all be groovy. This is the temporary header.  Working on the new one as soon as my Photoshop is kicking. 🙂  I have been a busy busy Nancy lately.   Here is the post : just click the link here:

Flash back post for Friday  

wish big….



One thought on “FLASH BACK FRIDAY

  1. Nancy….we adopted our daughter back in 2009 and I did an adoption blog…I decided to have it printed into a book…there is places on line that does it and it turned out really nice

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