so Do you have a happy place?

So most of you that know us, Know the situation we fight. MS. I am not going to harp on it dwell on it. There is not much to say that you all do not already know. We have good days, sometimes Great days. Good weeks those are amazing. We did good for a while through this winter. I deal with Shingles and NOT the kind on the roof. Sometimes I think those might be easier. Yes stress and infection bring them on. I have low immunity so we have to be careful. It is like a wolf in sheeps clothing. You think you are doing so well then BAM out of nowhere it will come up and tackle you and flatten you to the ground. That is kinda what we are dealing with right now. I am not saying that looking for pity or sympathy so nip that right now. This is NOT a bad case but It is leading to other things. The coughing and the excretion that keeps going down into my chest. YEs YES we are doing a million times 10 things for it. Staying in which I just was starting to get used to doing things. so Bummer. It is flu season so I should be used to this I suppose.

I sit and reflect through photos and just in my mind of the wonderful time we had at Disney. Bellas face seeing the Castle.Getting to meet Cinderella and her giving her the card she made for her. The genuine love from Cinderella given to her thanking her for making that card for her. ya I cried She had met cinderella the night before at cinderellas table. AND SHE REMEMBERED HER without us saying anything to remind her she had been there. (it was same one)

                                                           YES I cried my eyes out

Getting Bippity Boppity Boutiqued, OH that was amazing. she will have to do this again (but we will bring the outfit and all just get her hair nails and make up) yikes! $$$ BUT we had to do it just once ya know!

                                                      SNOWING ON MAIN STREET!!

ONE OF THOUSANDS of my VERY FAVORITE MEMORIES of her PLAYING in the SNOW falling on Main street. IT was so beautiful. I have some others that are just precious!!

                                                  In front of the water falls at Our Hotel

   Coming back to see what they did with her babies haha  Love goofy fawning over her American Girl doll.

I will never forget these AMAZING people that made some of our Magical Wishes come true! What awesome people they are at Disney. I will never forget them As long as I ever live. I know my family won’t either and WE appreciate everything they did. How little do they know just WHAT they did for us.

We never imagined what was about to happen in our family and this just was the icing on our Disney Cake.
No words or action could Thank them enough. They were heaven sent to make this (along with Brittney) the most magical thing we have ever done. we had no idea just how important this was.

SHE LOVED the seas with Nemo. Wished we could have spent more time here. BUT we will be going back SOOOOn… patience dear. Got to pay for everything that has happened. Then we will be there I PROMISE. 1 more time. We will be there.

She was so sick. Strep throat (we had no idea) whiney but still got smiles from her most FAVORITE of all since she was a baby… PIGLET. AND OH did he ever shower her with affection as soon as he found out HE was her very favorite. LIKE THE FAIRY GOD MOTHER… He is so not given the attention he deserves NEITHER is Eeyore!! EVERYONE wants Pooh and Tigger. Bella loves them too BUT PIGLET … HE IS THE PIGGY FOR HER!
Eeyore… was NANA’s Most favorire I cry looking at this photo.

She told him over and over how much he was her absolute favorite and how much she loved him. HE kissed her you could hear him and she just smiled and smiled. SHE GIGGLED like a little girl. SHe was soooo happy this day. I think she had more fun at this breakfast and at Cinderellas castle than at most anything we did. She lit up like a star. I just love these photos.

There are so many things that I loved about Disney. Too many to name. 

ANOTHER magical Wish. We had tried and tried. We were all on the phone night and day trying to get into this place to eat. NO DEAL it was booked solid. We checked for cancelations and got SERIOUSLY ARE YOU KIDDING? MR Brian with not even a finger lifted walked us up in there and We had a seat He told Bella to pick wherever she wanted to sit. What did she want to eat. she wanted to sit by the rose. So Guess where we sat.

you guessed it. By the rose. Every time the Rose chimed and it lightninged by the window THIS PICTURE:

                                                          Would  turn into the BEAST

                                   THE FOOD was SCRUMPTIOUS! Everything was amazing.
YA those were our desserts (that was mine in the middle)  THEY were DIVINE, The CHOCOLATE even had BE OUR GUEST in GOLD on it! I ate that chocolate too! hehe

 We also got to go to Belle’s daddys house and I believe it was story Time with Belle. We got to PLAY with BELLE! HOW amazing is that. Another one of Ms Suzie and MR. Brians surprises for Bella.
She got to be  The Wardrobe. I am telling yall. IF YOU GET TO GO TO DISNEY. DO THIS if you have kids or not. IT IS WORTH the wait in line. (I am not going to tell you that we didn’t wait in line though. which I am glad. It was warm and I was so exhausted)
This was the coolest thing going into her fathers work shop. PAY ATTENTION TO THE GREAT BIG MIRROR!!! all Im sayin.. can’t get ANYTHING ELSE OUT OF ME nope not happenein’

THe surprises were never ceasing. They are the ones that BOOKED us into Crystal Palace as well. We couldn’t get a reservation.  They went ABOVE and Beyond. Bella got her amazing wish (to eat at Be our guest and to Meet Belle) We all got to Eat at Crystal Palace Nana got to meet Eeyore her favorite. John got to see Tigger.  You saw my wish.

              I Think I cried so many tears. YES happy tears. Hard to explain Never thought we would be here.

 I got to meet the awesome Fairy God mother. My most favorite of all.. Bella got to see just about all she wanted to except a couple of the princesses and Tinkerbelle. she was hot about not getting to see the fairys. I told her she had to leave something for next time. BUT she was really upset about not getting to see Lambie at Holly Wood Studios. Introduce her LuLu To Lambie. But, . She got sick. so she didnt get to do all she wanted. But there is next time. I kept reminding her baby when you get sick you just cant do it all. This is a big place.  She was very upset.  I did my best to plan it so she could do a good bit. SHe loved magic kingdom and wanted to stay there the most. It is ok. I t hink again there is a reason for everything

MY most favorite thing about Disney…. Relearning that when you WISH BIG.. it can come true. take a chance you never know. I never in a million years expected this, asked for it or good gosh had a clue anything like this could happen. Sometimes you just have to sit back close your eyes and just THINK with your heart. Everything happens for a reason…   I know in my heart God knew what was about to happen and sent these angels to us. To make the most memories the most special memories that we could. We will never have another trip like this or more magical time like we did that week THings happened that I know won’t ever again that I can’t begin to explain.

ALWAYS my most favorite among favorite besides watching my little girl experience everything she did , reflecting on all these memories when I am having bad times like now and feeling just sick and horrible makes me smile. I have promised her we are going back. She is going to see Tinkerbelle and the ones she didn’t get to meet. I am starting our list now. I won’t forget our friends we made. I hope we get to see them again just for hugs!!!!!! Maybe a picture.  I will always get a photopass package. I will never regret it. If I had not. we wouldn’t  have met these amazing angels.  There were so many others as well that brought happiness to us and helped us along the way.

AT The parades and The VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS party the wonderful ms Windy that was so kind to us Got us cookies and Hot Chocolate got us a GREAT place to be so my baby could see without mean people getting in front of her shoving her down. (YA really)
The photographer at Epcot that made us laugh so hard. While taking pictures.
main street Bakery laughing with nana and her scooter. I hope that place is there forever. I will always have those memories.

The sweet nurse that helped when Bella was so sick
The photo pass and Other Disney workers that came running when Bella SCREAMMMMMED at the top of her lungs (they thought if was she that was injured) when I zigged and Zagged to miss the kid and mom and LULU fell out of the front of my scooter and got a concussion to her head and needed bandaids and a tiara (thats what you do when a stuffed build a bear lamb gets a concussion and a little girl is screaming her head off that I KILLED HER I MUSHED HER HEAD SHE IS RUINED FOREVER)
ya we thank you and sorry for your shock and worry.

Watching this (below) with our  family and feeling tears roll down my cheek knowing how hard we worked to get to that moment because we NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought it would be possible. BUT we did it has to be the biggest best amazing memory of all though. Seeing her eyes light up and the WOWS did you SEEEE THAT ONE MOMMY and NANA LOOOOOK its pink its PINNNNKKK. I spent as much time watching her as I did the fireworks… LOVE my life my family more than stars up in that sky!




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