Photo A Day… Her Bedside

Well I guess  you can see what a few of my girls favorite things are just by looking beside her bed. Actually it is a relief you can see the floor. She has been doing really well with it actually.She is doing better, We all are.  When mom is doing better everyone does better. When mom is feeling yuck everything well.. goes to yuck you get the picture.
Today was a good day. SUNNY absolutely GGGGGEEE- GORGEOUS DAY. Cool outside. NICE. I cleaned through our DVD and VCR collection of movies. OH MY WOW. HOW LONG that had needed to have been done!  Also did 2 window sills got the ick out you know what I am talking about? That ew that gets down in the track  when you have crepe myrtles and shrubs in front of your windows? pollen and ick. Am I the only one that gets freaky about that stuff? I don’t want to open my windows in the fall and spring and see Window Eww.  BUT it is a daunting task. I can’t be up and doing for long to do that. SO, I do them a few at a time, Vacuum clean scrub, clean the screens. Today was good beautiful day for it. I got TWO DONE but You have to realize they were really ew because they were on the side with the shrubs with those lil berry things. So ya. OK ya I’m rambling on.
I was just glad to be feeling well enough to do something. John always KNOWS I feel better when I say OK this house is DISGUSTING how do we live in this filth. (He also hates it when I feel that good and decide we need to clean our house because we can no longer live in this disgusting pig sty) I said we can either clean it or just move. So Clean it we are.

HEY I got 2 windows done, That is accomplishment for me! AND all the DVD’s and VCR tapes gone through sorted and reput in the cabinet (with my adoring child’s help although It was fought with a few whines but she did help willingly for a good long while till it started resembling that thing called WORK)

SO here is my Photo of the day. BELLA’S Bedside.

The wooden horse was mine when I was younger. Her Aunt Liz refurbished it when she (Bella)  was a baby and made it look more like a live carousel horse. (ya I cried) My daddy made that horse. So it is like she has her papaw Bob there along side her. The Red hat is from Nana Faye, Her guitar,  her huggy bear that is hugging a cat or some kinda critter, her gramma bunny that smells like chocolate, Hello kitty clock, A  Hawaii snow globe I think it is a Hawaii one I dunno,(she has a bunch of snow globes)  That is Lu lu chillin’ on the bed, That is her back pack Aunt Cyn sent her she keeps her books stashed that she wants to read at night time and her kindle fire, ipod, Ds and stuff  Uncle Windale Aunt Karen and Aunt Liz spoil her with in so she can sneak and read when she is supposed to be sleeping (YA, like we don’t know) Mardi Gras beads and Necklace  and Bunny ears? (no clue)  on the horse… No idea. Yup .. That’s my child. love her.
That bed belonged to my, I dunno, HOW many Greats… grandparents. handed down. Wrought iron but my father had sandblasted and redone it. So pretty.

So what is beside your Bed? I think she might find this funny some day. If not she will at least have a photo to show her future therapist.


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