I’m sure I forgot … something,

I have been planning this for I cannot remember howww long. But, just know it has been a reeeeally long time. If I had to drag myself down there with an iv in my arm I wouldn’t miss this. Donna Salazar is here!! I’m so excited to see her! Gonna be sooo much fun!
I KNOW I forgot something. WHAT? I have no idea. If you asked me where something is in all that stuff I couldn’t tell you that either. I really hope this weekend is a HUGE success so maybe we can get more classes down here with more people! who knows maybe even get Teresa Collins? or May Flaum? Or Margie? YA NEVER KNOW we might just can do it!!
Anyway I am out of here going to get my scrap on people Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!
Do something creative! hopefully I didn’t forget…. much.


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