Friday night pre game show!

Bella had a GREAT time last night. I have to say we did also. She has had a VERY hectic week and next week isn’t looking much better. TWO games next week Ok well on Tuesday the Termite league plays one game and the Pee wee team plays two games in one night. I am praying this is a typo on the news letter because this is a school night. We may have to leave early that night but I hate to not stay and support our boys. They are having to stay and play.

Bella was so ridiculously tired last week. I don’t want her grades to start hitting the bottom from all this. We are in 3rd grade for petes sake!

Then they have that same Thursday another 2 games (Termites play one then the Pee Wees play one)
Soooo, last night She got to cheer with the High school (professional cheer leaders she calls them) at the pregame show. They did 2 or maybe it was 3 cheers and a dance.
Was soooo so cute. They had the kindergartner cheerleaders out there as well.

Ya there were a WHOLE bunch of them out there.

Bella was right in the middle, back row, 50 yard line. 2 pony tails, shirt untucked (go figure)

She did really good. I thought she would be so nervous but she did amazing. She has this cheerleader stuff down.

THey all did such a great job. The little ones were so cute.

The warriors WON THE GAME to boot! Bella said it was because we had so many cheerleaders! There may be somethin’ to that!


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