What doesn’t kill us makes us…. tired?

ok ok I KNOW that is not how the saying goes, and it isn’t very positive. LET ME SPLAIN MYSELF. YESSSSterday. I think was a huge worn out day on my list of worn out days as of late. This kid I tell ya. First off we (being John and I) had a Dr. appt for physicals to get all our blood work done and blah blah etc for ins. purposes. SO he had the “come to Jesus” talk with us about eating right and exercise and yayaya.
I knew I needed to eat 3 times a day. I have had problems with this for a long time.
(a lot of it is that medicine but I always have had eating issues with my freaky stomach) so we got paper work and said ok we will do all this take this do that and come back and see how it goes.
Went to our NEW FAVORITE REST. Mediterranean Sandwich Shop right down from us at Winn Dixie Shopping center. Got my orzo with the Turkey bacon They have good gyros too. Figured that was a way I could plan to eat then and again that night. Maybe tomorrow morning too (The large orzo usually will feed me 3 times) I am trying to plan it so I can eat 3 times a day now. (I have to make it easy or Im not gonna do this.)

So Rest a bit and get ready for Bellas ball game across the Bay. We get there and another game is going on. Our game (sup to start early but no starts late)

The kids had a blast though.
But thought we were going to get to get home early and do more studying (Thank the lord I made her read over it and study before hand! She kept saying she could on way home but I was mean mom)

She is gonna have to get used to the routine. We are not used to all this activity.

Hopefully the weather will go ahead and coool off!
Last night was awesome. It was perfect temp. enjoyable.

The girls were sooo cute. They did cheers and dances and the whole shebang.
All their hard practice is paying off.

I tried to get photos of it but they didnt come out good But every time our boys would make a touch down They had to do pushups. Was soooooo cute!
THey are working on doing them all together… was so funny!

AND YES OUR BOYS are even moreee determined so they have to do push ups (BELLA said her arms and chest were hurting this morning)She appreciated it Warriors!

Another Pep rally tonight for our Varsity guys and get to see my girly all full of spirit cheering them on. Getting them all Psyched up.

So.. LETS GO WARRIORRRS!!!! (I will nap tomorrowwww!)

signed… one worn out mom (and I know her daddy is draggin’ also haha!)


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