just a minor update..

Ya I know I have not updated a lot BUT, y’all know summer is really NOT my best time. Heat does me in.
I’m diggin’ in best we can. Bella and I have been kinda just hangin’ out. I have been collecting up my kits. matching them with photos. (she has helped) We have wrapped ribbon (some of it) We have alot to go.. I think ribbon must reproduce.
We keep finding it and also I have found ALOT of American Craft Thickers (I am not complaining at all)

I just did a stock up on adhesives, and glue. One cool thing I have been playing with and I JUST LOVE IT is the SMASH BOOK. I know alot of you have heard of these.
You can make your own or you can purchase the one from K & Co. Sudie had featured one in the UNKIT this past time. I have been playing around with it some. I got some of the accessories they have to go with it. Pretty fun I must say so. I LOVEEE the pen. I want another one. Bella wants one but I don’t think this one is really right for her. I am thinking of making one for her that would be more 8 year old appropriate with some scrap papers I have. She really is wanting to do her own.
I have so many Love Elsie papers and other cutesie papers I am thinking would go great for a kid Smash book
Don’t you think?
For those that are going what on earth are you talking about woman
check this out: SMASH BOOK There is a video bottom left you can watch shows you what it is all about.

HERE Is the blog smash stories that has lots of examples also. I would love if you have some home made or other examples of smash books to please post them in my comments so we can see them. I have a group of friends that are doing them. So I would much appreciate it.

CHA is coming out and all the new fun stuff my favorite seasons of fun stuff the CHRISTMAS papers and stuff will be coming out.

THey are always so beautiful with shiny glittery sparkly … can’t wait!

I have a lot to get organized and catch up on have had several boxes come in my scrap room looks like priority mail central. You know the shingles and MS had me down when I had boxes of scrap stuff in here and I DIDNT EVEN OPEN THEM. ya I KNOW.
John was very concerned. wondering If he needed to call an intervention.
I have several projects in the works just got to get to where my eyes will let me do them. I am feeling better just colors are still looking funny. light still is kinda painful. I wear out easy still. But MUCH BETTER than this time last week or even yesterday. progress.
Its all about positive and progress.

Bella is growing like a weeeeeed on fertlizer. She is getting so tall. She can almost wear my shoes. UGHH. THis “HERRR growing up” stuff… NOT LIKING IT.
SOOO glad I am a scrapbooker and have all those lil moments scrapped. well most of them anyway. I have majority of them, trust me. SHE HAS a very good portion of her life in scrapbook albums. haha.

CHA is coming, My in laws will be here for the 4th Im excited to see them. Have missed them greatly. We do not get to see them much. I am still recovering from this last big flare and shingles. I dunno how the fireworks are gonna do. May have to let John handle that. I will see how hot it is and how my ears are. I have one nasty one on my ear still that just will not go away. Noise and light are the big annoyances right now. Nerves are still lil edgy. not as bad. (but my gosh hard to be on huge doses of steroids and not be)
I have been reading positively positive phrases books. They do help believe it or not. THink I am going to use alot of them in my smash book. I posted a lot of them on fb and twitter so I will have them all in one place and it really does make it easier when you go to make them to have it all together.

Oh if you get a chance Better Homes and Gardens (july issue) has a cute lil scrap space on the last page or last couple pages of their regular magazine (no its not mine) it is a cute closet make over into a scrap/craft space is a cute idea. Mine would never be that neat and orderly. I need to reorganize my scrapbook room. It looks like a cyclone hit it.

July 1st Be sure and stop by Hobby Lobby though, I have a few things in their magazine you can see. It should be at the check out counter. It is called stamping stationery and scrapbooking.
I will show you the cover of it July 1st 🙂 so be sure and check back. Hope you have a SMASHING day and I hope to see your smash journals if you do one and who knows I may just show yours on here 🙂


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