Bella and I made cards

Today Bella and I made cards. With kits. YA I am still in the bed alot, but up and down. Shingles on my face in my ear but are moving to the left side of my face and are going up and down this time from under my eye beside my nose to over my lip down my chin down my neck. I have some still though across (i have to laugh because this is ridiculous looking like a tiny cross shingle puzzle) my cheek to my ear behind my ear to the back of my neck.
Those big iv steroids, my interferon, insulin, other humpteen bajillion things had to be on just wiped it out and this is the reaction. Praying hard doesnt go into eye.

John went deep sea fishing today. His long time friend Ronnie came down. It was so wonderful to see and spend time with him. has been so long seeing him. he was telling us about the kids I just cannot get over how grown they are. I wish Blake could have come so sorry he broke his ankle I know he is miserable and that boat trip would have been bad (just ask your daddy and Mr John they both are walkin sloooow they got beat up on them waves pretty bad hahaha)
They had a great time though caught their limit. Got sunshine. Came home draggin and tired.
I have some photos John took and will upload them soon.

hate to leave on a sad note but…. our MS group lost one of its members tonight and it does always hit us pretty hard. I do ask for some extra prayers for his family and his friends and fellow MS group supporters. was pretty fast. If you would keep Clays family in your hearts and your prayers esp over the next several days as they deal with all they have to. He no longer has to suffer but his family no longer has their loved one. They are really hurting. I thank you.


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