The rest of the story….

Here is the rest of the album that I made for John for Valentines day:

(most of the album is made with this months UNKIT unless specified other wise)

I LOVED Teresa Collins FREESTYLE Album Kit in this months UNKIT. I thought it would be a great book to scrap for my husband for Valentines day.

The card on the second page is made from the CUPCARDS TO GO kit. I adhered the envelope to the album then slid the card into it so you can just lift it up.
Good way to store the valentines cards we give for this year.

Here is the journaling on the previous page:

I had to really sharpen it so you could see it, hope you can… I KNOW my handwriting is awful. I still havnt had shoulder surgery. LONG STORY, but, My Neurologist is BACK NOW. sigh…. if WE CAN GET the MRI done of my neck, brain stem and etc then its a go.. maybe? hurry up.. wait.. hurry up.. wait.

Ok here are the last pages

I added a couple of New AMerican Craft stickers to it that were just tooo perfect.
(they were in my scarlet lime kit)

I made Bella bug a little card also from the CUPCARDS TO GO kit:

IF you would like to see the previous pages and the FRONT of this album you can click on the previous post. or just click on the banner and then you can scroll down to the previous post that way. It has the rest of the mini album. I say mini it is 10 x 7 so it is actually a GOOD SIZED BOOK. ALso some instructions on How I made it.
Hope your having a great week and you had a lovely Valentines day.


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