You need 2 remember this…

Working on my hubs valentine so this is still a work in progress, but thought I would show you what I had done so far.
This is from this months UNKIT.

It is the Teresa Collins Freestyle Album Kit (and it rocks) YES it is part of this months unkit!! It was alot larger than I had expected. SO it gives you alot of room to work and put photos and embellish. The rings to bind it with come with the kit, but you can bind it however you choose. Since I tend to make my pages so bulky with lots of embellies, I went with the big ring method. It comes with 2 hard chipboard covers back and front already printed with a T.C. design on them (NICE)
LOTS of patterned paper and little tags, index cards and odd and end embellishments you can punch out and cut out to use on your pages. Also some magnificent ribbon. It is a really cute kit!

I decided It would be perfect to use for Valentines Day to make an album for my sweetie. I used the things in Teresa’s kit along with other things in this months Unkit, along with all kinda stuff I have in my scrap room to make this thing all fanciful and how I want it. Although.. IM not even CLOSE to finished.
Things seem to take 3 times longer now than they used to and well hate to admit it but had to get hubby and Bella both to help me with a few things like tying those knots haha that was pretty comical. ( and putting the thread through the buttons hard to do that with messed up shoulder. (even on the best of medications they make you kinda shaky)
I never thought I would be sore from Scrapbooking but today… I am my arms are aching. good PT!

Here is what I have done so far with this kit… Lemme know what you think so far.

The cover again You saw that already up at the top… I am trying to decide if I am going tot put ribbon on the rings. I thing it is cute but the only thing I DON’T like about it is when you open it sometimes it catches on the pages. Not sure.. We will see. Like I said I am not finished still working on this.

Here is the beginning..

the little page on the right.. I added. It is from a previous mini album I can’t even remember so I won’t even try. I used Shimmeringz on the bloomers they were a light peach color and look how cool they turned out!!! That cool orangy color just blended so nice. LOVE that now I want more of that color bloomers!

OH a tip for you if you didn’t already know, use your insert in the kit that tells you whats in it (the heavier piece) and trace the chipboard cover to make the pages. some other things you could use? cereal boxes, shoe box lids, backs of notebooks, anything sturdy but thin, if unavailable try using 2 pieces of cardstock put together evenly to reinforce it. )

*If you use cardboard or something that is not acid free, be sure you have scrapbooking paper or some sort of acid free product between IT AND YOUR PHOTOS for archival purposes

So thats what I have so far. Hopefully can work on it some more tonight.
What projects are you making for Valentines this year?
I will show you more as this progresses.

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