ARE YOUR SHOES on the wrong feet?

I absolutely love this months Unkit. The colors are amazing. So versitile and FUN! I know so many are ready for spring well this kit says SPRING!

I love the punch in this kit so much fun and can be used for Valentines Day and Just think of the times you can use Hearts! SO CUTE.

On this Layout the foam stickers are white. I used the maya road mists in this kit to paint the letters to blend with the photo.

I sprayed the banner that I strung across (the maya road chipboard banner) with the Maya mists also I went over the top with the new shimmeringz Goldie lox by shimmerz *not included in the kit

The journaling sheet on the side is the Jeni Bowlin mini journaling book (that is the cutest thing everr! I used the back side of it since I needed it on the left and it would have made the image on it upside down and it would have looked all flicted)
I sprayed it first with The Black magic Glimmer Mist that was in the kit I went around the edges with the Orange Momento Inkpad HEAVILY I sprayed the top coat with the Shimmeringz Goldie Lox but went over it some more with the orange to bring out the edges. While it was wet with the Shimmeringz Goldie Lox I crinkled it up in my hand (yes its messy but look at the cool effect I got on that Jenni Bowlin mini Die Cut Journaling Pad Sheet? COOL LOOKIN HUH?

It really makes those letters just POP the pink against that goldy orange. WOW!I had to make that e by the way out of an O. I just cut the center of the O and curled the top around then kina trimmed the bottom to curl up. You may not have noticed till I pointed it out. Or you may have it you really paid attention.

I distressed some of the edges of this layout I love my distress tool it is so easy to use. They stay at arms reach at all times! I use this tool I think as much as I ue my paper trimmer! I didn’t use it on do all of the layers of thsi layout just on part of it. I inked it with colorbox Fluid Ink Chalks In Dark brown * not included in the kit but available. The ribbon is just some shiney satin ribbon I had that I loved the BRIGHT ORANGE.
SO see this kit is so versitile. You can use so many different things with it out of your own stash. These are some things I just had laying around that just matched perfectly. Nothing I had to go out and purchase! The buttons are from a previous unkit!! HOW COOL IS THAT!

THis photo was taken at OLD NAVY.
I captured Bella when We were checking out. We had been at Point Clear having photos made with Santa. We had Breakfast with him actually. Bella was so tired. She was sitting down talking to this little dog. I caught her asking him if he knew his shoes where on the wrong feet and stopped her before she decided to PUT THEM ON THE RIGHT ONES! I KNEW what was coming next. BUT, had to snap this photo first.
SHe poses with these manequins every time we go there. yes I have other photos!!
This kid cracks me up and brings me so much joy!

I love to scrapbook these pictures so in the years to come she can see her antics and just maybe know an ounce of how much she was loved and enjoyed by us.
Hopefully one day she will experience this herself with at leastt 3 or 4 little girls and boys of her own to let her feel this love of her own hehe.
I will spoil them and make them as rotten if not worse than I have made her 🙂

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