Ready for the chapter on patience to be over!

Pain can teach you so much about things. ALot about yourself and about others.
ALso alot about patience. 1. Don’t ever ask for it. You will get it (sometimes in the form of an illness or a child or some other strange hard ship that is even worse I have heard many horror stories)
This I do know.
Patience is something that is a mentioned thing a suggested thing. kinda like the Speed limit here. No one really goes by them but man it would work so much better if they did!
Patience can be taught. It is a lesson that is very hard learned. Usually it is learned with force, unwillingness and much argument. SOMETIMES.
This isn’t to say it is that way every time.
Saying this goes along with the cancellation/postponement rather, of this shoulder surgery. And having to had wait another day on medication for an intensely painful shoulder (ya dislocate your shoulder a few times then go a night without proper medication see how PATIENT you are it gets testy)
BUT… it also brings you to GRATITUDE hahahahaha
I WILL BE SO DADGUM HAPPY when this is over with. I will do a jig in the middle of the street! (of course when I am fit to!)
I tell you IF the good Lord Is trying to teach me patience…
He has a wonderful sense of humor and I will be sure and let him
know so when I meet him!


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