OK SOOOOOO I didn’t post yesterday….. I KNOW I KNOWWW i knowwwwwww I already broke my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION that I was gonna do my blog thing every day butttttttttt. BEFORE you throw things at me LEMMESPLAIN. I THINK you will be ok with it. If you aren’t well sorry?
YA SEE.. most yall that know me THAT REEEEALLLY know me know I AM 97.3% of the time a chatterbox and smiley and lalallaa all over the place right? right. :this is you going yes Nancy we knowwwwww: The other percent of the time welll? Im asleep. Ok Ok really no the other percent of the time I will leave for other stuff like? OH I KNOW when my neighbor cranks his blower at 7 30 am and scares the golly gee curl out of my hair! YA!

so yesterday was EVEN more of a bummer THAN THAT! I was sad. REALLY sad. how come?
so ya know I have been having this shoulder thing. I leave it no secret I have multiple Sclerosis. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Because of that I am stumbly unsteady and I bump into things and for years have popped out of socket easily.
long story. anyway short version FF to now. Was sup to have surgery TOMORROW. IT has been postponed till… who knows.
Is kinda a good thing. Seems I need to be in an actual hospital instead of at the clinic because of all the other issues.
which I RESPECT FULLY. I want them to be 100% comfy before they start slicin on me.

THAT brings me to the topic of my blog post… its been forever since I have been able to realllly Scrapbook and do stuff because.. ITS MY RIGHT SHOULDER.
DO YOU REALLLLY know how much you USE that muscle (take your pointy finger touch the inside muscle on your shoulder then the one on the outside behind your shoulder) ya those. ALOT.
I did Battle with a box of cereal this morning… left hand… wasnt pretty.
I sat in the floor and cried. lucky charms … all over the place… but by gosh I HAD A BOWL OF cereal! cheerios!(ya the lucky charms were all over the floor you didnt think I was eatin that did you?)

so I did what any respectable person would do… let the dog in to clean up.
shhhhhh! Don’t tell.

SO NOW Im praying soooon they will reschedule my surgery I can get back to scrapping because this is starting to really really REALLLLLLY get to me.
although my dog is following me around going what you wanna open next???


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