harder sometimes than it looks…

Ok so I realize WHY they call them challenges now. Because your trying to make yourself do something difficult. ya. that would be it huh?
See I live around obsessive compulsive neighbors that were in the armed forces. YES MY ARCH NEMESIS (and they are retired) which equals out to…. BORED. They sit and watch leaves fall and race to see who can get to their leaf blowers first. I think they also see who can go buy the LOUDEST ONE on the market also.
I have had my heart jump out of my chest, My hair stand on end, My bladder spring a spontaneous leak all in one exuberant burst on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION might I add THANKS to said neighbors CRANKING THESE hurricane equivalent blowers RIGHT outside my window at the hiney crack of dawn or anytime you LEAST suspect it (like when you are doing some kinda tedious cutwork scrapbooking ughhh) to blow leaves and acorns across their yard. (when the wind is gonna blow the ones from my yard RIGHT BACK INTO THEIRS because I am not OCD, well about that,anyway… and I GOT LEAVESSSSSS all over my yard and GUESSS where they are goin?
They are in their HEAVEN RIGHT now! sigh. I guess Im giving them something positive to do. My work is never done. ::SIGH::

gonna put a BELL around his neck or something. so I will have a warning.
a countdown? something?
I did finish my cover and it dried for my little art journal I made. I decided to do mine on some old flash cards I had. They are a handy size not too big not too small.
MINI BOOK SIZE. I am going to make a hole with my crop a dile in the top corner and clip it together with something cool depending on how bulky it gets. YOU KNOW I LOVEEE all the bulky stuffs to put on the pages.
So HERE is my first page.
I used a play on words with the rub on. I took the rub on and turned it into a chipboard piece and pop dotted it off the page with a foam pop dot. (it just looked way cooler that way!)
I combined older Basic Grey paper (it had honey combs and Bees on it, get it? see what I did? Beeee Positive? hahaa)With some Echo Park (BECAUSE I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!) and put challenge above the arrow in the tiny making memories letters. I sanded the Cosmo Cricket letters because the positive is a challenge. It is hard and wears on you. Especially when you have a lot weighing against you.
Then I put stickles (ohhh SPRAKLY ::said with spirit fingers::) pointing to the BEE to remind you that we are always TRYING and getting better and their is hope.
so see there is a lot of symbolism here… as always, yaaaaaa didn’t know all that did ya just by lookin’ at this little bitty card huh! well now ya do!

I will get the back and the next one up sooooon šŸ™‚

ITS NOT TOO LATE to join in on RHONNAS 21 day challenge! ITS FUN! Check it out HERE

OH BUT don’t go anywhere yet… I have a layout to show you.
This is from the add on of the PAPER POSIES kit from last month.

Bella was so funny at the ST. Elmo fall festival. They had this little booth where you could play in the bubbles. Boy she was going to town. I got some cute cute pictures.

This Bo BUnny kit they put together for the add on was PERFECT for these.

I added the orange stickles and the buttons and popsicle stick.
I turned the sticker into a sign.
Used the vinyl ribbon to make a banner sign for my title.
I pop dotted the photo of her making the face where the bubble popped in her face.
so it would stand out with the title. (but the photos still tell the story) You have the buttons and bling at the bottom with the rick rack bouncing across almost laughing in a whimsical way like bubbles. I added stickles around to sparkle and shine. Was a really fun page to make. LOVE these bright colors of this paper.

Check out the Paperposies kits HERE!

I hope you have a POSITIVELY WONDERFUL Monday… šŸ˜‰



4 thoughts on “harder sometimes than it looks…

  1. LOL…on your neighbors. I'm a veteran to, but I don't crazy stuff…I just stay inside.Okay I'm so glad you joined us!! Girl it's been a little while since I've been to your blog! Funny how things get hectic in our lives. Anyway your Bella has grown so much!!! It's stunning and she is too. Don't you just miss SIStv?Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I know this syndrome is a real pain to live with, but I do manage to keep that some of it suppressed. That's the way I've been surviving. I was given SAVELLA–haven't taken it yet, I doubt I will. Thanks for the FB support ideas. For nine years I've been misdiagonosed too.I too hope you feel better and it seems as you are managing…and that's a good thing!!Hang in there buddy and let's get this challenge completed!!

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