couple pages

These are with the Paper Posies kit. I love the fall colors in this. The ribbon is so shiny but its hard to see in these. will try again to photograph it later to see if I can get better angles. I am charging my battery and will attempt to take it outside. These photos do NOT do it justice at all. This kit is sooooo cute.

Farm Etiquette 101: This calf learned real quick if it wanted Bella to feed it, Then it needed to stop all taht sticking its tongue out stuff. She did NOT like that at all! Seward Farms 2010

Nor a follower be Because I am a child of GOD.

This is part of a song we used to sing when I was a child.
I am going to attempt to retake these photos again later when my camera battery is charged better they didn’t take real clear (and the fact I am really tired was up last night Bella coughed all night) You cant see the little seed pearls I added to the lace ribbon Or the glimmer mists on the leaves and the inks on the leaves either.. Is a really awesome photo. I will try it again later. These layouts look so much better in person. You can’t see any of the shiny.

Silly weather.

welcome to ALabama…
I will try again in a bit.


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