Her Social studies Project…

Ok so yall know its been rough. We passed around the stomach bug like back and forth, Bella missed so MUCH school More than she has ever missed since she has been in school. Bellas school had it going around alot of kids were out with it.
I think most of our county actually had it here in the school system.
Then I got better DID get to go to the corn maze ( I posted some photos on face book I will post them here when I can, blogger was bein a booger) THEN all that dust and walking I went in a mini flare/relapsed with that virus again.
we had some bad weather and my left side stopped working. It is hard to explain. MS is a weird disease and comes with so many strange side dishes so to speak. You have to go through the list and try to figure out if it is something else first. THIS NO DOUBT had to be MS because literally my muscles tightened up like I had flexed my arm and was holding a weight and it wouldn’t stop. Imagine holding a 5 lb weight for hours. Its not so bad for a few minutes but squeeze it with all your might tighter.. tighter .. TIGHTER EVEN TIGHTER… when you cant control how tight it gets. that is the only way I know to explain it. my leg does it too. Mostly the upper thigh its like a muscle cramp on crack.
It will last for sometimes hours sometimes a day this time it was longer. THAT is Multiple Sclerolsis spacticity it is a huge pain.
I know my daddy used to have these kind of spasms with polio and now I feel so bad for him. I had no idea what he suffered through and that man worked 3 jobs to support us at times… wow. HE DEFINITLY SHOULD BE RESPECTED INSTEAD OF THE ridicule he is getting from SOME right now. I don’t see how he did it.

We were up REALLY late tonight working on this social Studies project with Bella.
I have been in bed ALOT lately. (See above) SO it has been pushed to the side. John has been TRYING and working on it with her or shall I say FIGHTING WITH HER On it. it is like war around here trying to get her to do homework and these projects (ESPECIALLY when Mama is not feeling well or in bed illin’ she doesnt want to cooperate or do anything. He gets very impatient so does she. DRIVES ME INSANE! and we are ONLY IN SECOND GRADE GEEE!
BUT, Nonetheless WE GOT IT DONE.. Getting her to bring the book home was a chore! She was determined to use THESE Little shells and sand on this cover after she saw me use them ,She wanted to do this like I make my books. she had it in her mind how it was gonna be and that was it…..
I think that is why she and her daddy were having war. She wanted to do it scrappy style he just wanted to GETRDONE.

I found these paper piecings on line and printed them let her color them and cut them out. They are so cute. I let HER DO IT. We have laughed so much at our lil pilgrims. They have some issues. one is missing and ear and has the charlie chapman mustache I think he is so cute. She has two left thumbs but I bet she makes really great pies… ughmm ya.


I think she did a good Job. I don’t remember having to do stuff like this in second grade. Things are soooooooooo different now!
She was mad at me because I didn’t make her any indians but my arm was hurting so bad and I couldn’t find any paper piecings like I did the pilgrims that she could color that were indians. I would have to draw them. Tonight was not the night. I thought it was just fine the way it was. We had a time getting this done. You can click on the photos to read her story and see her little pictures (THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY I asked her about I THINK it was number 7 the one at the cross she said they were praying I asked if they were jumping rope…. OOOPS! bad mommy!
I will learn one day to not ask questions…

Hope you all have a happy Friday.


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