Dad’s mini album

So I told you yesterday, that I would show you the mini album I made for my “Father in love”
I put the cover of it up on facebook real quick when I got through with it to see what you guys thought.
This was a big time rush job.
I stayed up till 3 am finishing it before we left Saturday Morning. This trip just about wore me out but was so worth it to see his face. He had NO IDEA we were coming up to see him.
He had hip replacement surgery and it was really hard on him. He has NEVER been sick. He is a very independent man. Always done everything for everyone. He has gotten kinda down. (to say the least) Bella had been making him cards and sending them to him. Just not the same though as a personal appearance from his kids.
Having all his kids there on fathers day was definitely a plus!
John called him from the hallway and said how he wanted to show him something and about that time I opened the door and Bella came walking in with this:

These are just a few of the pages… yes there are more….
It gets hard to load when I put so many photos..

BUT I did want to show you what I made for him. He was so happy just to see us and then the mini album he was even more thrilled.
I have more photos to share tomorrow we saw so many people we haven’t seen in so long.


4 thoughts on “Dad’s mini album

  1. Oh, Nancy, this is truly touching! I am about to cry. Family times are so special. Your album is a work of art!!I hope your Dad makes a complete and speedy recovery.Take care,Renee

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