Beautiful Gifts… may there always be a rainbow

It never ceases to amaze me how we receive such wonderful gifts. Now roll your eyes and say WHAT DID JOHN GET HER NOW… no Im not talking about that kind of gift.
more of a heavenly gift. Ever since my dad passed I get these “little gifts” as I call them. Little signs that there is another force out there no no no not like luke skywalker and “THE FORCE is with you” but more like a Godly force you know? That guy? JESUS? yah I know some of you are going Ya Nancy we have heard of this get on with it.

well coincidence or naught, I get these gifts and they are always OVERLY dramatic in their expression and presentation but then just subtle enough to let me know SLAPP IN YOUR FACE I am always here so when I think about it later I realize HEY thanks and it wasnt just from MY earthly dad but from our Heavenly dad.

I just have enough love for my earth dad to know that.
Fathers day is a really rough time for me and my family as well. Losing our father the way we lost him and the way our family did was very hard. Any one that loses a person at the hands of someone else can understand. It is difficult to ever deal with and yes I still have conflict on a daily basis. Yes I am sure it does have an effect on my health, well all of ours. It seems my dad leaves little hints around to us that he is never going to be forgotten. We just have to be open to them. Keep reading…

We had originally gone up this weekend to see Johns dad, He had had hip replacement surgery. We needed to go up for Fathers day. We have not been up in a very long time. I FOR ONCE was not broken out in shingles. Was not flared up with MS was actually doing pretty good at this particular time so it was kinda a NOW OR NEVER deal LETS DO IT! LETS GO! oh yall! IM SO GLAD WE DID! His Face. It was amazing. It was a big surprise. He had no idea we were coming. As you know I DO NOT travel well. Multiple Sclerosis just stinks. That is the nice way to say it.
he was really happy. I will tell you more of that story and show you the book I made him tomorrow. We took several photos too.

We also went up to say good bye to my Wonderful Aunt. to quote her nephew There is no doubt her soul was like a Missle jetting to heaven…
St Peter didnt even have to look in the book. He knew her immediatly.
Her funeral was amazing. I know that is kinda strange to hear anyone say.
but, There was alot I MEAN ALOT of music. some of it really got me.
esp the one that they sang like my dads.
besides the fact we were right thereeee and the funeral was on fathers day.
I did good though. The music was gorgeous and there were some laughs. It was good to see ALOT of people I have not seen in forever.
I was so tired so very exhausted. It was a very hard 27 hours. I took some pictures of family and friends I will share later. Bella got to meet people she will never remember except through the scrapbooks I will make.

I couldn’t get over the children how much they have grown.
It was good to get my feet back on the home I would say soil but thats not really soil its mainly just clay.

It warmed my heart filled my spirit.
it was sad it was joyous she is home. She is with alot of people we love.
I can truly say I know where she is without a doubt.

we were pulled and we put more miles on that car than we have in well over a year.
yes my car still only has about 8 thousand miles on it. I dont go anywhere.

But ya know..
My dad He gave me something special on the way home. We were soooooo tired. All of a sudden (and if your still reading this wow

I was so exhausted on the way home. I was thinking just how much fathers day stinks and that I didn’t really get to get John anything that I wanted to. I miss my dad so much. I always just hate fathers day. I feel guilty for that and bad that I don’t really do it up like I should. I miss my daddy so much you just really have no clue. Tears were coming down my face and about that time it starts sprinkling just a tiny bit.. “oh great now its gonna rain” I said.
we look up and John and I both saw it at the same time I kinda rubbed my eyes because it was very faint.
I think We both tell Bella “LOOOK IS that a rain bow over in the distance?” Bella couldnt really see it.. (I think she wa half asleep)

there was a faint tint we thought awww sweet we got to see a rain bow. we went a litttle further and we saw it a little clearer. we got closer and closer and OMGOSH this was the most clear beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. It kept getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer. IT WAS SO AMAZINGGGG.
You could seee where it ended.
IT WAS RIGHT ON TOP OF USSSS! ON THE HIGHWAY right in front of us. bella was squealing!!!

I tried to take some pictures but it was raining and sun shining at the same time

(and I had tears coming down my face)

Bella said “BUT where is the pot of gold?”
John kinda looked at me and loooked in the rear view mirror and he said “Im lookin at it”. well we are in a kinda gold car…

ya go ahead… awwwww how sweet is that??? so ya I really had that hallmark moment and tears down my face then. (think I just heard my brother hurl)

Then he had to totally blow it by saying “besides mommy is kinda short like a leprechaun anyway.. Bella says “ya and she kinda hobbles when she walks too…. hee he he”

so much for my hallmark moment.
but Omg loook at this rainbow how gorgeous is this!!!!
Thanks dad!


One thought on “Beautiful Gifts… may there always be a rainbow

  1. Well, now I'VE got tears in MY eyes! Your story is as beautiful as your rainbow, girl! And, I totally believe in 'the force' and get little 'gifts', too. Not nearly as often as I'd like. That's cuz I think maybe I'm bein' bad or somethin and 'they're' not happy with me. hehehehe But, it seems that my gifts come when I MOST need them. And, they're as precious to me as anything in this world. I'm always sure to say a little 'thank you' outloud … or an 'I love you, too'. Thanks, honey, for sharin' your story .. {{sniff, sniff}} sounds like it was a great day and I'm tickled that you were feelin good enough to put a few miles on your car. xoxox

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