Jan projects from scrapbook obsessions and thank you

New Year…. ahhhh time to start again.
AND… now I am another year older. wow that went fast.
I have to say it was very overwhelming the love from freinds all over the world.
amazing how many people you meet on this contraption and in this world of scrapbooking. I have made so many friends far and wide. I cherish deeply. Not just in scrapbooking other friends as well. Thank you ALL OF YOU SO MUCH. Im so happy to be here. IT HAS been a ROUGH YEAR. A SCARY YEAR at times. I hope and pray for lots of wonderful things this year to come.

I did do a little scrapbooking today I can’t show it yet. It is for an upcoming project. BUT, I can show you what I did with the kit from WWW.SCRAPBOOKOBSESSIONS.COM
Jan kit. Beautiful Asian inspired papers.

You heard me talk about LaLa (my mother in laws dog) I just had to scrapbook this little ball of fluff. She was the inspiration for this page since her breed originated over there WAS TOO PERFECT. Everything on the page is from the kit.

The other project I made for my sister in law for Christmas. I wanted to make her something to sit on a shelf or on a table, sort of frame like but out of a canvas. The women in Johns moms family are so strong. They have a strong heritage as well. so I wanted to pull from that and these papers really did give me that opportunity.

I still have another project with it. Not done yet! SO stay tuned!! MORE TO COME!


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