End of 09 End of 39 WHY DO You have to remind me

Ok so Bella keeps running around here saying “MOMMY HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE THE BIG 4 0 0?” (CRINGE)
THis Has been a huge joke with us.OK THEMMMM (she and he not me) I have to say I do feel closer to 400 than 40 these days. How many times can ONE HAVE SHINGLES ALREADY! GOOD GRACIOUS THERE HAS TO BE A WORLD RECORD AND I THINK I AM THAT RECORD HOLDER! IT is getting to the point of ridiculous.
Christmas did turn out well nonetheless. WE had a lovely little addition to the Jones family. Mom and Dad brought LALA down with them this year and they almost didn’t get to take her home with them. We did everything but steal this little dog.
I know she stole our hearts. SHe is just the CUTEST THING EVER.

Here are Bella and Lala snoozin…

THey were some worn out pups after Christmas

SO I was gonna ask you some questions because I know yall just LOVEEEEEE IT when I do that!
What were your biggest challenges of 09 this year?
Have you put them down on paper? Do you plan to?
Why or why not?

ALso this is the time to be thinking about getting all your photos backed up printed off and ready for the new year. I KNOW I KNOW but someone has to bug you and tell you to do it. I figure I will remind yall and then yall can Remind me. We hear way too often about computer crashes and people losing their photos and everything on there. so just bite the bullet and get it over with. Take a weekend and back up those photos! Copy them to an off site storage or copy them all onto disk and put them up! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

I just sent a TON of photos to Wal Greens they have a special goin. (you can use anyone Im not pimping them its just closer to where I live so its who I use and I like their printing)

Maybe my glue is dry now and I can get back to my canvas Im working on
we have a lovely kit this month over at Scrapbook Obsessions. You should go check it out! I will be back to show you what I did with it as soon as Im finished 🙂


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