I used The October Kit which was chunked full of October Afternoon Goodness (Which was perfect by the way) to do a set of cards for the Fall festival at Bella’s school this weekend.(that I won’t get to go to boo hoo) HOW CUTEEEE are these little animals? I thought they might would bring a pretty penny for the school in the country store. We have a booth every year with Handmade crafts and such. I will have a bunch of Cards in there (one of a kind no two are alike since they are all made from scraps) I am not a GREAT card maker…ok a good card maker for that much. Kinda like in singing make a joyful noise? I THINK I do better at altered art and Scrapbook pages but I know a lot of people really like cards. I LOVE GIVING THEM and ALSO LOVE getting them. So I have been pulling some all nighters working on them.

The first one. Is a sketch from my buddy Di Hickman. Ya she rocks like that. Check out her blog.(Tell her HI FOR me! That I sent ya Ovah!) She has really cool card sketches on there! She is really cool and is a fitness freak too. Be careful she will make you do like jog in place while you read.. ok maybe not but you will want to after talking to her and listening to her fitness routine.(Her abs are amazingggg though!) She makes me tired just listening to her. hehe.
You will see this card sketch on there is the one I used for this card.

Here is another one that I made just for kicks…

I made it with the October kit from WWW.SCRAPBOOKOBSESSIONS.COM

Here are a few more random cards I made up with some other various fabulous products. I have some more cards to add but the glue is still drying and I have to photograph them and IM NOT DONE YET. I will probably still be making them up until time to go…

This is just a sampling….. Most of them are like this though. Simple cards with simple sentiments. I am doing some Holiday ones also though.
I know on Facebook ya’ll were asking to see what I was working on. So, I hope that fed your curiosity 🙂 SO, YOUR TURN. WHAT ARE YOUUUUU WORKING ON? GETTING READY FOR FALL? TELL ME IN THE REPLIES. Ok Back to work… Got my production line going haha.



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