So I have not updated my blog lately, sorry blog. I have just been chillin, Scrappin, and relaxin. The shingles love me and IM not talkin’ bout the kind on the roof. I take so much valtrex my dr writes in bigggg letters on my scripts SHE HAS SHINGLESSSSSSSSSSS. (cuz you knowwwwwwww the pharmacist look at us funny when we get those scripts filled) I wanna say NOOOO I DONT HAVE what the commecials say this is FOR!!!! but I REFRAIN.
Someone sent me a link to DOOCE’s blog where she did a video where she had shingles recently and she says shingles with “spirit fingers.” she does it in a rather scary way. Totally cracked me up to tears.
I get them where I have them on one side, Then they go to the other side. THat is what has happened. NOW they are on the OTHER side. Lucky me. so I can’t turn to the left too well. Oh well complaining is not making it better.

It has been crazy. Bella has been having homework like crazy It is wild the things she is doing and only in first grade. She is using words that just amaze me. I keep saying I am going to have to go back to college just to help her with her homework.

A new gadget has entered my mind and I have not been able to sleep. HERE
It is so far out of our budget that I need to just get it out of my head. It would be nice. Kinda like the LAPTOP for scrapbooking. I sat up one night trying to win one. As much as Im in the bed it would be nice. but 300 bucks??? COME ONNN! IT will take all your cricut cartridges and put them in one place and you can draw with it and link them together. It is the size of a video tape. When your finished you just plug it in and print. OMG it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. well next to laptop computers and sliced bread. but omgosh this thing rocks. since I am in the bed so much and have to be in dr offices so much I thought it would be awesome to be able to design with. Then get home print out… but..
I figure the price HAS GOT to come down. I just cannot SEE 300 dollars for this thing omgosh. BUT THEY SOLD OUT OF THEM ON HSN IN 24 hours :O are you kidding me?
You get 2 cartridges that YOU ONLY GET if you buy the Gypsy. OMGOSH this thing is SOOOO AWESOME.
(she has some cartridges on there I want too haha)


My BUD MY PAL MY friend MERRY is walking YAY MERRY!!! in the MS WALK HEYYYY MERRRY :::BIG WAVE::: IM SO PROUD OF YOUUUUU!!!!!! andddd SHE NEEEDS SPONSORSSSS Her goal is to raise 500.00
so please read this and help her. SHE SUFFERS FROM THIS DISEASE as I DO.

This is a very courageous thing for her to do I am so proud of Merry. I am going to keep posting about this and hopefully she will SURPASS her goal and raise this money for the MS FOUNDATION. WE need all the research we can get.
I know personally that I wanna be able to see Bella bug grow up,and become the woman I know that she will. I want to be a really old lady. Like old old. METHUSELAH old.
I did a page about our experience with MS for the point blank challenge that you can see on this blog post It is not fun for the millions out there that have to deal with this crapp. I am blessed to have a supportive husband to help take care of me. There are so many out there that do not have this. I know that I am blessed even though we have this awful disease in our life. It could always be worse.
so if you would forgo a starbucks… help Merry I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER she is gonna walk for herself and for all those like us that suffer from this horrible illness…and also because I CAN’T walk in this.. Thanks so much Merry!. LOVE YOUUUS MERRY!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! KEEP UP THE FIGHT! I GOT YOUR BACK DAY TO DAY!


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