LOTS to catch up on!

OK so I know I haven’t updated sorry, been working on a layout and its been driving me mad!! I got these rub ons out of my scrap booking stash. They were not expensive. I will not put here the name brand but It is not an expensive one and NO THEY DON’T smell like pop corn. YA. My bud Jing Jing that I am on the Scrapbook Obsession’s Design Team came up with that theory. (AND IT IS SOOOOOO TRUE!!!) She had figured out that when rub ons ( for just example the Jenni Bowlin ones the little ones and the Cosmo Cricket ones) are really good rub ons, They smell like popcorn!!! SERIOUSLY!

Well I wanted to do this layout with a countdown in the swirliess on the side… yeah.. ::SIGH:: I was going to have them fading down the swirls like they were time fading off in a “Alice in Wonderland” kinda mesmerizing way,,, well THAT DIDNT HAPPEN ! IT was good in “THEORY”

I actually did a layout before, that I wrote tiny “The Night Before Christmas story” all around the flourishes and That is what gave me the idea
so I lifted myself, so to speak HERE IT IS.. see the tiny writing? That was her Cinderella doll she got from Grandma that year. she was so happy. Her first BARBIE. (the big head barbie cinderella.)
So that is what I was “TRYING” TO SORTA DO


(THAT DIDN’T SMELL LIKE POPCORN) I had to rub and rub and rub. my hands were cramping!! OH! but they were soooo perfect for this page!!! Well, so I THOUGHT! grrrr, They tore off the top layers of my papers and made a mess of things. I was so upset.
So what was I to do? I was just upset. I summonsed my facebook pals and twitter audience my brain was just stalled HELP HELP! SCRAPPER DOWN SCRAPPER DOWN! 911 RUB ON DAMAGE DETECTED CALL FOR BACK UP! SEND IN THE REINFORCEMENTS!! well here they came with all these ideas and solutions (who knew!) THANKS YALL!!

Lately I have had just my cup running over with stress and so tired of being sick we have had some deaths in my inner network of friends and family so I just have been at this point in life where you want to stand on that mountain and SCREAM I HAVE HAD ENOUGH I CANT TAKE ANYMOREEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Ya so I have just stepped away from everything and have just been scrap booking a lot and attending these scrap booking video chats and forum board things. Well through twitter and through facebook, I have met some really fun and cool people that have taught me SOOOOO MUCH.
(REMOVABLE TAPE??? I had no idea)
and I had totally forgotten about my highly coveted item UNDU!!!
Can you EVEN FIND THIS STUFF ANYMORE? I Need a 5 gallon bucket of it!
Just a tiny droplet of it and omgosh the offending (NON POPCORN SMELLING) rub on was gone!! JUST LIKE THAT!! The pieces of the paper that were missing.. eeehhh not so much.
BUT, I could cover that up and voila’ THE PAGE WAS SAVED!

It was hard to photograph this page with all the sparkly on it.
I used AMERICAN CRAFTS pp, Doodlebug sugared cardstock, LOTSSSSSSSSS of stickles, Maya road stars and the little swooshy things (nike swooshes) basic grey alphas, versa mark inks, Heidi swapp flowers, all kinda buttons, Bazzill just the edge dotted, Heidi swapp chipboard clock, Hobby lobby bling, off ray eyelash sparkly fibers.. I needed lots of bling for this to say NEW YEARSSS.

So I want to tell you about some places out there. SOOOOO much FUN!!
Yall all know about www.Scrapbookobsessions.com
I am on the design team for them. LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH. THEIR KIT THIS MONTH IS OCTOBER AFTERNOON THE FARM LIFE! PERFECT FOR FALL!!! IT IS PACKEDDDD!! THEY HAVE THE ADD ONS IT IS HOT HOT HOT and it is going to BE G O N E so you better snatch it up while you can folks!

YOu can order it HERE

THere is a 2 week yes you heard me 2 WEEK CROP GOING ON at www.scrapadilly.com
(I am still in first grade because I AM SUCH a perfectionist yes my kindergarten layout is that new years layout roflmbo)

Also, I want to tell you about a new place for the fabulous Amy Coon. It’s called THE PAPER LIFE. This is just the cutest place. so much fun! she does these videos. and interviews people. she has giveaways, pod casts,really sooo much fun. you should check it out.
The first interview is with Leslie Ashe we all know and just love her to piecess! Love me some Leslie! like my sis! Yall check this place out. SHe has critique of products (which we know is just enabling, my hubby thanks her for that tremendously!!) ::I can see Amy run hiding:: it really is fun she is so cute and so fun you should check it out!
www.thepaperlife.com (paperlife also has a chat room and we are some scary chatters!!!)

I also want to tell you about UNKIT LIVE. It is a video Chat with Miss sudie. (JUST LOVE HER) she is so much fun. She does demonstrations, tutorials, product demonstrations (haha bloopers and all, she is sooo funny yall) all kinda fun things. She shows it on video and we will chat with her in the chat room on USTREAM LIVE. She can see what we are saying while we watch her. Very interactive. Very fun. Here is the link to the blog. You can see the tapings she will ask us questions we answer them. It gets kinda funny at times. We have a lot of fun! SHe is really fun!

I will tell you about some more fun things next time I have been finding out soooooo many fun things and fun places around the web out there IF you want to follow me on twitter I list them on there so you can attend. DEAL?


8 thoughts on “LOTS to catch up on!

  1. your layouts are gorgeous girl!!! Sometime we all just need a breather! Great that you were able to scrapbook through it!I love the way you write- honest, real and like we've been talking on the phone!

  2. Seriously…how precious are YOU Mrs. Nancy Jones! I LOVE you to pieces!! I adore your scrapbooking. You're incredibly gifted, talented, and inspirational! I adore you from the tips of your toes to the top of your noggin! 😀 Thank you for mentioning me…I am not anything but a polka dot in the sky! :DHUGS!

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