I was gonna give you a little behind the scenes on how I made this arrangement.The Kit is my DT kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. Isnt it Beautiful? It is 3 bugs in a rug Spread your wings. How appropriate for this project. I used alot of recyclable products in this project.

THe base for it is a container that my mil brought me a box of these. I spoke of this in a prior post. That her bank was restructuring how they were doing some things and they were going to destroy these. She said hold up. My D.i.l. can do something with this. Well this is the something I did. lol.


of course I washed it and stuff first it does have some scratches but that gives it character.

I used the Styrofoam little box that my interferon comes in each month I use for my multiple sclerosis treatments. (they have to be good for something) we have so many of them thangs I hate throwing them away. we have a ton of the ice things in the freezer too. we turned the penny container upside down measured it and cut layers of the styrofoam and stuffed it inside.

John had to help me with that part. that Styrofoam did NOT like me lol

Next I used the stripe paper and decorated the outside of the rolled penny container.

I collected sticks from my yard and whittled the ends of them to a point and stuck them down in the Styrofoam.

Then I proceeded to cut out the flowers using the Hot Off the Press template in the Scrapbook Obsessions kit. using the felt also in the kit then decorated them with miscellaneous things in my stash such as buttons, bling, stickles Im not much of a sewer but if you do sew you could sew the edges. I just loved the look of the sparkled.
I used maya road stars and made them fancy with stickles as well.
I used the technique Tuesday frames that were in a previous kit as well (the Maya Road stars were in a previous kit) and decorated it with my title) that says I will always remember. I sanded it using a nail file and added some stickles after outlining with a zig writer.
I inked the outside edges and pop foam dotted it onto the outside of the penny roll container.

The frames Are by chatterbox I fit the photos to the frame and put felt behind it I laid the stick over the first layer of felt and glued the stew out of them then laid another piece of felt over the stick and the felt and frame and let dry over night. I used Aleenes tacky glue and I really piled it on.
The bird house I used my hand dandy hand drill and drilled a hole in the bottom of it and attached to that stick. Is that birdhouse not adorable. Daddy loved birdhouses. He loved watching the birds from the window. SO I thought that was a great addition.
Here is a picture of the finished project again.

So Now you have a little behind the scenes insight on “howIdunit”
Hope that answered some of your questions. If you have any more questions about how I made this project feel free to ask I will be glad to show you.

ON another note…. My prayers are going out to my dear sweet friend Marty’s family and all my lupus friends today. My heart is just broken. I have known her for so many years she was like a mom to me. She was like a gramma to Bella. This has hit really hard esp with her death so close to the anniv of my fathers death anniv. Please pray for Martys family as they go through this difficult time. SHe was an AMAZING WOMAN. she will so be missed in the lupus community. she was an amazing host to the lupus chat groups and an advocate to so many. She supported us and listened to our woes and cheered us up, even though she had so much going on herself. There will never be another marty. I will so miss her I love her and my heart just breaks.
((((((marty and family))))))))


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