Today I am working on another project for Scrapbook Obsessions DT. Im not finished with it. I hope to be tomorrow. It involved alot of cut work so it is taking me a long time. I am doing directions on it so don’t worry I will be showing you some tips.

Friday as you know because that is on my mind this week is a sad anniversary in our family, The anniversary of the death of my dad. A very important figure in my life.

Bella’s teacher is out Because her mom died from her battle with cancer. It has been really sad. We have been talking about death and going to heaven. We also talk about my dad, her papaw Bob A good bit. Bella asked me “Why do people have to die mommy” I told her that was a good question and just kissed her forehead.

I made this book and this box for her. There is no way to explain the death of my father that will make it any easier. ALthough no death is really a happy one. This one is particularly hard to explain to a child. It involves bad guys and good guys and a not so happy ending. The good guy didnt win and there was no happy ending like in the Disney movies.

SO what was I as a parent to do. I wanted her to know he was a hero and Yes his life was taken in the line of duty. Their is no telling who all he saved that day. BUT what she needs to know since she didnt know him personally is how he interacted with others. I wanted her to see him as a man. Not only as a deputy sheriff, but as a daddy, a papaw, an uncle also a man, the husband and friend and loving man he was.
He would do anything for anyone and was probably going to try to help that boy that day knowing him. I can hear him now,attempting to help him. Sad what desperation can do to someone to make them take a life, that was so valuable to so many. I will never stop missing my daddy. not a day goes by.
I just wished he could have known my sweet Bella. He would have loved this little girl to pieces. And laughed his tail off at her antics.

The man you never knew… This is a project made with a variety of papaers by cosmo cricket and karen foster, 7 gypsies and other fabulous products.

This box and book will always be Bellas. She will be able to have it to hold in her hands. Something that I MADE that has photos and pieces of memories of my heart for my father. As much as she loves her daddy. She knows that I loved mine.


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