Wanna come play?

www.Scrapadilly.com is having a BOREDOM FIGHTERS WEEK this week

Im still recouperating from the flu/staph but I am alott better omgosh than I was ( thank you all so much for patience and for prayers) so I haven’t done so much on this but I actually am scrapping lol. my mother in law the last time she was up had brought me up these really coool bins they were going to throw away from the bank. I KNOWWWWWWW they were going to THROW THEM AWAYYYY! the horror of it all! she said noway My DIL could make somethin with this hehe (fancy word for recycle) so anyway.
IM staring at them with my creative brain saying whachawannabe?

They are so cool and interesting shaped so Im just so excited. BUT I DONT WANT TO SAVE FOREVERRRRR to do the perfect project though (do yall do that???) Im soooo guilty!!


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