flu season already? your kidding me.

Man I detest the flu. I remember when I first started taking this rebif interferon stuff they said the side effects were flu like. and I am not gonna down play them because well IT SUCKS. It makes you feel like crapp. but WHEN YOU HAVE THE FLU and YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR SHOT TOO. There are no words to describe what it feels like.
I sit here and chuckle not in a ha ha way but i have to because it is so ridiculous that life comes to this. I have the flu and am injecting my body with something that is giving me flu like symptoms. THIS IS THE STUPIDEST SOUNDING CRAPP I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. ITS GONNA MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE CRAPP but it might make ya live longer.

the one thing I DOOOOOOOOOOO KNOW and my hubby can attest to this. I couldnt walk on my own less than 4 months ago. I had more bad days than good. I went to my childs graduation in a wheel chair. I dont remember alot about her graduation. NOt that i was on alot of medication but because my potassium levels were so messed up. (as they are low again) I know because of this medication that I curse right now I walked smiling even though my teeth look so horrible right now because of this medication and the other health issues im having to my baby girls orientation to first grade. Something I was not sure I would get to do the night she graduated from Kindergarten. None of us were sure what would happen it was kinda scary a while there. so I Thank the lord these really smart people and research moneys were available and i hope more is done for multiple sclerosis. BUT ALL THE OTHER CRAPP that goes along with it confuses me. when they give you these medications i end up with shingles then staph infections and potassium issues and the list keeps growing.

My dr said now its a good idea to stay away from Bellas school its a breeding ground for germs. my heart just crashed into a million pieces. I missed everything last year. literally. John went to all her functions. mommy wasnt there. I felt so bad for my baby girl. But so happy to be in that audience when she graduated.
now I DO KNOW the fall festival will be OUTSIDE. IM GONNA shoot for that. being its outside. and im gonna shoot for no wheelchair. we caught this early this is gonna be a better school year for her. I just have to get rid of this staph infection now and pray it doesnt spread all over like it did last time it is all over but they are little right now. (mrsa) so we are takin the med and using the bactriban on it aggressive he said that this would happen anytime probly there is trauma and the flu could be trauma to my body (not to mention your body remembers things and next friday is a definite trauma anniv, in my life) anyway sorry for the ramble this was mainly for family and stuff I havent called anyone i have been in bed all week with the flu, sick and then today all this so thats it.


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